• Reg. POY Chris Poston

    Pittsboro Elementary School's Chris Poston Named Region 5 Principal of the Year

  • NHS Morehead-Cain Semi-finalist

    Northwood High School Student John Atwater Selected as a Regional Semifinalist for the Morehead-Cain Scholarship

  • JMHS & CCHS AVID College Acceptance

  • NHS FBLA angel tree

    Pictured: FBLA officers and all the presents they delivered to these children

  • ERA December 2014

  • Reg TOY

    Pictured: Superintendent Jordan, Joanna Massoth, Principal Chad Morgan

  • JMHS Great News

    Morehead-Cain Scholarship Semi-finalists - Eddie Fernandez & Marrisa Devine Nuestra Juventud Award Winner - Bryan Parroquin

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Chatham County Schools Holds District Science Fair

On Thursday, December 11, Chatham County Schools held its District Science Fair Awards Night in the Jordan-Matthews auditorium.

A science fair emphasizes the learning of science through doing. Science fairs encourage students to design, investigate, and think critically about a particular question, guided by the scientific method. Participation in a science fair affords students opportunities to develop life long skills necessary for scientific literacy.

Projects were announced according to their divisions. First place projects in grades three through twelve will proceed to the Regional Science Fair.

An overall winner, Christopher Esther of Margaret Pollard Middle School, was chosen from all the division winners. Esther’s project was “Eco-Friendly Insulation: Does Going Green Really Save Energy?” He is a student in Linda Gardner’s class. Esther was also the overall winner last school year. The Division level winners are listed below.
Pittsboro Elementary Named Signature School for The Piedmont Education Consortium
Pittsboro Elementary Signature School photoPittsboro Elementary School principal, Chris Poston, is having a great year so far! Notified in October that he was Principal of the Year for Chatham County Schools, Poston accepted another honor on behalf of the school at the Piedmont Triad Education Consortium meeting on Friday morning, December 12. During the annual Signature Schools Award breakfast, Pittsboro Elementary was honored for significant improvement and given the designation of Signature School for the Piedmont Triad.

According to the nomination, Pittsboro Elementary has continued to implement systematic structures across the school that continues to yield positive results. The school has committed to establishing clear non-negotiables for instruction across the school that includes tight lesson planning and data driven meeting structures and PLC structures. The school has provided quality professional development in the area of literacy and has focused on providing a structured literacy block.
Chatham County Schools Teachers Achieve National Board Certification
Chatham County Schools is thrilled to announce eight new recipients of National Board Certification. Teachers undergo a rigorous process of planning, reflection, and assessment in order to achieve certification. The Chatham County School district is proud to have 90 Nationally Board Certified Teachers. Our newest honorees are:

Kimberly Brennan - North Chatham Elementary
Morgan Brewer - Chatham Central High School
Carol (Lynn) Crankshaw - North Chatham Elementary
Elizabeth Deaton - Jordan-Matthews High School
JoAnna Massoth - Chatham Middle School
Heather McCrory - Jordan-Matthews High School
Leann Munoz - Perry Harrison School
Brenton Winston – Moncure School

Application to Fill Vacancy on Chatham County Board of Education
The recent election of Mrs. Karen Howard to the Board of Commissioners has left a seat vacant on the Chatham County Board of Education. The Board has initiated a process for appointing a new member to fill the term which will expire December 2016. Interested parties are to submit this application by 12:00 PM on Friday, December 19. Applications can be found on the school district website at www.chatham.k12.nc.us or picked-up in person at the administrative offices at 369 West Street, Pittsboro, NC. Completed applications can be submitted electronically to Mrs. Sheila Tally at stally@chatham.k12.nc.us or may be mailed or delivered to her at Chatham County Schools, P.O. Box 128, 369 West Street, Pittsboro, NC 27312.

In order to serve on the Board, a candidate must reside in School Board Residency District 1 (North Chatham area), not be a convicted felon, not have a current conflict of interest situation with the school district, must be a registered voter, and must be at least 21 years of age.

Download Application (docx)
Northwood Students Rock the SAT
For the fourth consecutive year, students from Northwood High School have out-performed both the State and the Nation on the SAT. In addition, Northwood had a higher percentage of students tested (73%), higher composite score (1531), higher critical reading results (513), higher math results (520) and higher writing results (498) than both the State and National averages. Northwood scores have continued to increase each year from 1468 (2010) to 1531 (2014). This represents a 5-year gain of 63 points.
In the 2010 school year, Chatham County Schools utilized Race To the Top money to begin a focused SAT Prep Program. Teachers at each high school were trained by the Princeton Review and Princeton Review Materials were used (at no charge to students). Jordan-Matthews High School provides a SAT/ACT Prep course each semester and Chatham Central High School offers sessions to students with particular emphasis upon SAT math skills. Northwood High School has introduced a blended learning model for SAT Prep, Using videos prepared by the teacher followed by practice skill sessions for students. The district is working with Princeton Review and a Northwood teacher to create district-wide videos that could be used for SAT Prep at any school with any teacher. This is a unique partnership that Princeton Review says is unlike anything they have done before with other districts. 
Chatham County Third Grade Reading Success
Eighty-four (84.7%) percent of Chatham County Schools third grade students met the reading proficiency standards under North Carolina’s Read to Achieve program.  Seventy-nine percent of North Carolina public school third grade students met the standards across the state.
These third graders demonstrated reading proficiency through one of the following state approved options:
  • Passing the Beginning-of-Grade 3 English Language Arts/Reading assessment;
  • Passing the End-of-Grade 3 English Language Arts/Reading assessment;
  • Passing the retest of the End-of-Grade 3 English Language Arts/Reading assessment; passing the Read to Achieve Alternative Test;
  • Passing an alternative assessment for reading; or
  • Successfully completing the reading portfolio.
Specifically, sixty-two percent (62.9%) of CCS third graders passed on the Beginning-of-Grade or End-of Grade assessments.  Additionally, four percent (4.23%) passed after summer reading camp; seven percent (7.74%) passed on an approved alternate assessment; nine percent (9.78%) were exempt based on an approved NC “Good Cause” exemption.