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Programa de InglŽs como Segunda Lengua



Study Island


CNN Student News






Rosetta Stone




Find the Right Book for You


Google Translator




Newspapers and Current Events

ÔTween Tribune

Online Newspapers-NC

Printing Press Interactive

Newseum-TodayŐs Front Pages

Online Newspapers-World

National Geographic News

New York Times-Front Page

World News for Kids

United Nations News Service

PBS News Hour


Multiplication Tables

Mutl. Table game-click and drag

Times Table Practice

Table Mountain

Multiplication Flashcards

Ratios and Proportions


8th Grade Review-un repaso

Square root flashcards

Quia-square roots-choose activity

Square Root Clock

Self-Check Quiz

Interactives-Elements of a Story

Elements Quiz

States of matter-quia

States of matter-matching

Estados de agregacion

Periodic Table-quia

Periodic Table of Elements

Chemistry Games

Tabla Periodica de los Elementos

Elementos Quimicos

Busca el quimico

Empareja simbolos y nombres


Animal and Plant Cells





Quia-computer ethics

Quia-ethics and societal issues

Quia-computer ethics hangman

Quia-computer ethics-rags to riches


Genetic Disorders

Cystic Fibrosis

Muscular Dystrophy


Specific Genetic Disorders

Glosario de tŽrminos genŽticos

List of genetic disorders

Diseases and conditions-Mayo clinic

Genetics Home Reference

Punnett Squares-Heredity and chickens


Human Body

Body Systems Interactive

E-Sheet Activity

Build a respiratory system

Respiratory System-click and drag

Follow the path-game

Lung System in action

Quia-respiratory system

Respiratory Diagram Quiz

Dr. NIDAŐs Body Quiz-Drugs

Faces of Meth

This is your brain on meth



Online Activities for Students

Funbrain-Math Arcade

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Cool Math 4 Kids

Geography Online Activities

Element Flashcards

Make a Snowflake

Backpack Challenge

Line Jumper-choose Really Hard

Free Rice-answer a question correctly to donate rice

FreePoverty-answer a question to donate water

Power Play

America on the Move




Knoword-vocabulary game


Safari Journal by Hudson Talbott

Africa for Kids-PBS

African Rainforests

Webcam-Tembe Elephant Park



Animal Planet

National Geographic

Creature Feature: Lions

Lion Research Center


Laikipia Wildlife Forum

Food Chain movie

Chain Reaction-build a food web

Build your own Food Web

Scholastic-Build a food web


PresidentŐs Day

If You Were the President

Presidential Portraits

US Presidents in chronological order

Name That President


Biographies and Sports

Beyond Baseball: The life of Roberto Clemente

Baseball Hall of Fame

The My Hero Project

London 2012

Official Website of the Olympics


Research and Reference

Outline Tool-Interactive

Cactisearch-meta search

Dogpile-meta search


MetaCrawler-meta search

ZapMeta-meta search by cat.

Picsearch-image search

Currency Converter



Survival ThinkQuest

Survival-The Geography of Ascent

You Can Climb Any Mountain

Video-Surviving Deadly Everest

Climbing Mount Everest Photos



The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Hugo Cabret-official site

Flashlight Readers

Book-Technology Connections

Simple Machines Activities

Simple Machines Game

Simple Machines-examples

Simple Machines-examples and pics

Break it Down

How Stuff Works



Day of the Dead Webquest

Geek of the Week WebQuest

Sharks-WhatŐs on the Menu

Author WebQuest-Write On



Religion: Islam

5 Pillars of Islam

BBC video clips

Current Events-Asia Society

Asia 2009-the year in pictures

Online geography games

Where is that?

Atlapedia Online

NC Wise Owl-Research Tool


Chinese Language

Chinese Language Flashcards

Chinese Language Learning Games

Chinese pronunciation

Chinese numbers 1-10-audio


Chinese Proverbs



Timeline-Pearl Harbor

WW II Propaganda and Art

China-timeline and maps

Timeline-China and WW II

Mao Zedong

Great Wall of China-History

Terracotta Army

ChinaŐs first emperor



The First Thanksgiving-videos and slideshows

Thanksgiving Webquest-quiz

Thanksgiving Fact Hunt

Wampanoag Life before 1620

Article-As American as Pumpkin Pie

Mayflower History

You Are the Historian-Interactive





EOG Math Games

Sheppard Software

Math Playground-Stay Sharp



Quia-Algebra equations

Quia-Equations Jeopardy

Interactive Box plot

Quia-Proportion Battleship

Quia-Ratios and Proportions

Catch the Fly-use ordered pairs to catch the fly

Interactivate- Math Activities

Quia-Triangle similarity and congruence


EOG Lang. Arts Games

Poetry Review-Quia

Figurative Language Games

8th Grade slope vocab. game

7th Grade geometry game

Quia-AuthorŐs Purpose Battleship

Quia-AuthorŐs Purpose Pop-Ups

Quia-Short Story Elements

Quia-Matching Lit. Terms

Quia-Main Idea

Quia-Making Inferences

TV411-Making Inferences

Practicing Inferences

Quia-Inference battleship


EOG Language Arts Links


More Proverbs


Grammar Activities-Root Words, Prefixes and Suffixes

Compound Words-Definition

Compound Words-Quiz

Compound Words-Activity

Compound Word Hangman



Adverbs-click "Go here"

Flip a Chip

Quia-Prefix Skills Matching Game

Mad Libs

Quia-Matching Prefixes

ItŐs Greek to Me


Analogies-2 player game



Story Elements


Short Story Elements: Quiz

Quiz Hub-Literary Terms

Interactives-Elements of a Story

Story Elements-Graphic Org.

Quia-Short Story Elements

Quia-Matching Lit. Terms

Quia-Main Idea

Quia-Making Inferences

TV411-Making Inferences

Practicing Inferences

Quia-Inference battleship

Finding Main Ideas


Poetry Writing-Interactive

PicLits-Interactive Picture Poems

Acrostic Poems

Diamante Poems

Letter Poem Creator

Line Break Explorer

Shape Poems

Word Mover

Giggle Poetry

Poetry Splatter


Metaphor Poetry

Instant Poetry Forms

Magnetic Poetry


Resources and Graphic Organizers for Students

Graphic Organizers-Eng and Sp.

Graphic Organizers-Scholastic

Graphic Organizers-Houghton Mifflin

NC Wise Owl-Research Tool

Word Reference-Online Language Tool

Brain Juice Biographies






Resources for Parents and Teachers

ELL Program for Newcomers


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