September 27, 2023

Good evening, Perry Harrison families,

I’m calling and writing tonight to tell you that our Support Our Students fundraiser has just 9 more days to go, and so far we’ve raised $8,042 . This Friday afternoon we’ve got the PTA native plant sale in the front parking lot from 2:30-6:30, and many kids have been busy planning a craft sale to go along with it. We’re so proud of their hard work, creativity, and enthusiasm!

Our children know that new playground equipment, garden boxes, and sports equipment will make our outdoor spaces much more fun places to be. Their teachers know that the time they spend in outdoor activities reduces stress, helps build social skills, and improves concentration and achievement during the rest of the school day. That’s why we have all worked so hard on this fundraiser, which helps the PTA pay for the "extras" that can't be covered by our tight school budget.

We’re still pretty far from our goal of $20,000.

We are a small but strong community. We have only 240 students, which means that if every student raises $100, we’ll meet our goal. For many families, that’s not possible, but luckily you don’t have to do it alone! You can ask your family, your friends, and your neighbors to support our fundraiser by donating using our secure SOS link, or the QR code that came home in your child’s folder. You can post a donation request or make a video on Facebook to share with your networks. If your workplace offers matching donations, that's another way to stretch your fundraising efforts.

Your generosity is incredibly meaningful to our school. We see it in the hours of volunteer time you give, the lunch duty shifts you cover so teachers can take a needed break, and the many small kindnesses you show teachers, staff, and students every single day. Please know that every dollar you bring to our fundraiser is appreciated, and will be used to make Perry Harrison an even better place for your child to learn and grow.