The Torch Award

Torch  Silk Hope School Torch Award

 Each month, a member of the Silk Hope School staff will be recognized as the winner of the Torch Award.  The   Torch Award recognizes individuals who demonstrate a burning passion for positive change in our school   community. They have invested their time and energy for a brighter tomorrow, radiated kindness and warmth   for others, and have been a source of light in dark places. They have illuminated the way for Silk Hope School   through their example and have spread their contagious love for learning like a wildfire.

 Members of the Silk Hope School community (which includes students, parents, and staff) can submit   nominations for individuals who meet the above mentioned criteria.  Members of the school's leadership team   (School Improvement Team) will review the nominations and choose a Torch Award winner for the month.  The   winner will receive a Torch Award trophy and gift card and will also be recognized via various media (school   announcements, Twitter, website, etc).  

 Submit your nomination here