PHS-TSI letter

Doty's Letter

Dear Parents/Guardians:

I know it is hard to believe that we have started a new school year and in a very different way than in other years. As always, thank you for your support and commitment to working alongside us to maximize academic outcomes for your student(s).  I am writing to share that our school, like many other schools in NC, has been designated as a Targeted Support & Improvement Additional Targeted Support (TSI-AT) school by the North Carolina State Board of Education.  Under Federal law, North Carolina is now required to identify schools for targeted support and improvement. TSI-AT schools in North Carolina are those that have a subgroup that is under-performing. For our school, this group of students is our Students With Disabilities (SWD).While we are making progress in a number of areas, we accept the fact that better is always possible. 

All public schools in North Carolina are required to develop a comprehensive school improvement plan that specifically addresses how each school will increase student achievement. Perry Harrison, along with all schools in our district, proactively adopted the state-recommended school improvement framework, which is based on national research. Our school’s plan (which was approved by the Board of Education last year) addresses the following areas:1) instructional excellence and alignment and 2) Professional Capacity-Quality of Professional Development. To date, we have: met with grade-level teams and the Students with Disabilities team to review both past and current data around math and reading to help guide instructional plans to meet the various levels of students in the classroom, continue to work with all teachers on how to provide differentiated work in all content areas and worked closely with teachers to ensure reading and math small group instruction is happening every day.  In addition, we have established the following focus goals for this year:

  • By the end of this school year, all of our SWD will make a year’s worth of growth in reading as measured by the Text Reading and Comprehension assessment (STAR).
  • By the end of the school year, all of our SWD will exceed the typical growth percentile in math as measured by the STAR assessment. 

Research has proven that there is a strong correlation between family engagement and student performance. As such, strengthening family engagement is at the heart of our school improvement efforts and our district's strategic plan. We look forward to our continued partnership with you!

Below are a few additional resources that you may find helpful. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.


Amy R. Doty, Principal
Perry Harrison Elementary School