Chatham County Science Fair Results

Chatham County Science Fair Results

K-2 Class Division

1st Place: Do Siblings have the Same Fingerprint Pattern Type? by Cooper Marino, Mason Waddell and Austin Waddell
3rd Place:  Color Absorption by Genesis Cabrera and Kinley Farmer
K-2 Division for Individual Projects
1st Place:  Rock Climbing: What is the Best Temperature by Tyler Wolfe
Division 3-5 Team
Honorable Mention: Music on your Mind by Emily Exley and Abby Morgan

Honorable Mention: Tumble Towers by Lydia Zwahlen,  Andrew Zwahlen and Samuel Zwahlen


3-5 Individual Category

Honorable Mention: Science of Meringue by Margot DeAngelo

Honorable Mention: I’ve Got the Power by Lila Vandell

County Science Fair Participants