Important Senior Yearbook Info

Important Senior Yearbook Info

Congratulations on making it to senior year! The yearbook is your book and no other year is that clear than your senior year. With that in mind the yearbook staff needs your help to make this the best yearbook we can. Please use this email as a checklist to ensure that you are not left out of the 2022 yearbook.
  • Baby Pictures: If you would like to have your baby picture included in the yearbook, please click the link and upload your baby picture no later than 12/17.

  • Senior Quotes: What parting words do you want to leave to JM? Please share the quote and the source and remember: all quotes are subject to approval by JM admin. Deadline: 12/17

  • Senior Signature: Please follow the instructions on this form very carefully. Deadline 12/17

  • Senior Ads: Senior ads are currently for sale. Share this link with anyone who wishes to congratulate you on your successes!

  • If you have not followed the instructions to choose your yearbook pose on Prestige Portraits' website, please do so by 10/1 (unless you are doing senior retakes in which case you have longer).

  • If you would like to submit a casual pose for the yearbook (instead of using one of the Prestige Portrait pictures), send an email to Ms. Kimrey with the subject line Casual Yearbook Picture Submission. These images should be of high quality, school appropriate, not feature railroad tracks, and are subject to approval by JM administration. Deadline: 12/17.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email Ms. Kimrey or stop by room 107.