Harris Teeter

BENNETT SCHOOL NEEDS YOU!!!! Harris Teeter Shoppers!!!!!

We are now partners with Together In Education at Harris Teeter!! What do YOU have to do??

WE NEED THIS DONE IMMEDIATELY (deadline is Sept 30, but please don't wait! go now while you are online) WE WILL GET a $100 BONUS by showing an increase of links over last year! This goal is easy to match because we had very few links last year!

FIRST OPTION: Go to Harristeeter.com NOW and log in and find where you can update your VIC card, PLEASE LINK your VIC card to the Together in Education OUR NUMBER IS 4581.

The SECOND OPTION but not has certain to work. I thought mine was linked but found that it was not! So if the Clerk does this you need to check behind them:
1. Next time you shop at Harris Teeter, choose lots of their Harris Teeter Brand items
2. At checkout, Tell the Clerk that you want your VIC card linked to your school. Give her this number 4581.
3. Now everytime you shop and choose Harris Teeter Brands, 2% of your purchases will go to Bennett School!!!