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Third time just as charming for Bennett's volunteers

BENNETT — They did it.


Helping hands from Bennett School accumulated more time than their peers from any single school in Chatham County Schools (CCS) when it came to sorting and folding and otherwise volunteering for Chatham PTA Thrift Shop duringBennett School's PTA generated the most volunteer hours among PTAs in the district for Chatham PTA Thrift Shop in 2017-18.  the 2017-18 school year. This is their third straight year doing that, never mind that Bennett has the smallest traditional student population in the district.   

“They’re just dedicated people,” Bennett Principal Dr. Carla Neal said.

Volunteer hours boost bottom lines for Parent Teacher Associations in the district. Bennett’s PTA put in 16,508 hours. That generated $85,840.88, which also led the district.

“All of it is going to the kids. They earned it,” Neal said.

Bennett’s PTA Thrift Shop money will get invested in the school through increasing technology, adding reading resources, bolstering arts programming, funding field trips and reimagining classroom spaces with furniture that facilitates learning.

“We’re all about meeting the kids at their level. That’s what we’re doing at Bennett,” Neal said.

Across the district, schools combined for 77,928.25 volunteer hours and $569,875.47, tangible evidence of community support for CCS.

"In spite of state cuts to school budgets, Chatham has been able to sustain school-level programming because of incredible support from programs like the PTA Thrift stores. We are thankful for the incredible support, and it is absolutely recognized by our principals," CCS Superintendent Dr. Derrick D. Jordan said.


Published Oct. 2, 2018