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New Pittsboro Elementary principal a hit with Pandas

PITTSBORO — Borrowing from Dr. Seuss’ “The Sneetches and Other Stories,” Pittsboro Elementary School Principal Kendra Fisher wrapped up a meet-and-greet session by telling her students, “I just wanted to smile and say, ‘Hi!’”Pittsboro Elementary School Principal Kendra Fisher takes a selfie with her students at the Chatham Community Library.

Pittsboro Elementary parents exchanged introductory handshakes with Fisher at Chatham Community Library, where she did some reading and a good bit of hugging on their little ones.

Before Fisher started storytime, she showed the kids her kindergarten picture.

“That’s the way you looked when you were a little girl?” kindergartener Ransom Baldwin asked.

“I was a little girl, too,” Fisher revealed.

Fisher kinda, sorta gave her students some homework, encouraging them to get a library card if they didn’t have one.

An assistant principal for the past four years, Fisher’s affinity for her new students was as if she’d just come out of the classroom as a teacher.

The feeling was mutual.

Published Aug. 18, 2018