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Chatham County Schools Partners with Daybreak Health to Expand Mental Health Services

Chatham County Schools Partners with Daybreak Health to Expand School-Based Mental Health Services for all K-12 Students

These new mental health services will be provided at no cost to families. 


SAN FRANCISCO (March 4, 2024)Daybreak Health, the leading provider of school-based mental health services, has announced a new partnership with Chatham County Schools in North Carolina. As a result of this partnership, all K-12 students will have access to Daybreak’s 

evidence-based teletherapy programs that are meant to help kids understand their emotions and learn new skills and strategies to manage their symptoms that they can use in school, at home, and throughout their life.


Based on the NC Child Health Report Card, the number of children aged 3-17 receiving a diagnosis of depression or anxiety increased by 49% over the past several years. The report called out that North Carolina’s schools remain woefully understaffed to address these issues.

Access to high-quality mental care in North Carolina remains a significant barrier for children and their families. Chatham County Schools wanted to increase their capacity to serve more students and families with mental health support and ensure that all students had equitable access to these services. This new teletherapy program will enable them to do that.


The new program rolled out in February 2024 and within the first two weeks of launching the program, almost 30 students had been referred for these services. Students can receive up to 12 weeks of teletherapy sessions with Daybreak’s qualified clinicians. The program looks different if it is an elementary-aged student or a middle or high school student participating in teletherapy. If it’s an elementary-aged student, the program is designed to include their parent/guardian in the virtual sessions. If a child is over the age of 10, they can meet one-on-one with their therapist. These services will be provided at no cost to families throughout the year.


When kids are mentally healthy, they can think clearly, pay better attention, and learn new skills. These evidence-based teletherapy programs have proven to positively impact academic outcomes like behavioral improvements, better grades, and higher attendance. The program is designed to treat students to a place of concrete improvement—symptomatically, functionally, and behaviorally. Students are matched with a clinician based on their cultural background, language, and personal preferences, with sessions starting within 1-2 weeks of a referral—which includes parental consent and is offered at no cost to families. 


"We are dedicated to supporting the holistic well-being of our students through Daybreak Health treatment programs and our new partnership, ensuring essential mental health services are readily available to benefit our students and strengthen the connection between school and home care." said Dr. Anthony D. Jackson, Superintendent of Chatham County Schools.

Recently North Carolina released a School Behavioral Health Action Plan to address the urgent mental health crisis that is facing youth in North Carolina,” said Alex Alvarado, CEO and Co-Founder of Daybreak Health. “It highlighted that most kids don’t have access to these mental health supports and that schools play a critical role in reaching children in need. I commend Chatham’s school counselors and social workers who worked hard to bring these services into their schools and have been incredible partners and collaborators in quickly getting students into care. We look forward to continuing to support the Chatham community.”


“Our partnership with Daybreak Health is an exciting opportunity to bolster the mental health infrastructure for Chatham County Schools' students and families. In addition to the services provided by school counselors and other student support services staff, our K-12 students have access to quality mental health counseling services at no out-of-pocket cost to families,” said Breanna Ellington, Ph.D., NCC, LCMHCA, Student Services & 504 Coordinator at Chatham County Schools. “Working with Daybreak Health helps us remove barriers to access and expands our ability to address student needs. We are excited about this new resource and look forward to continuing to partner with families to promote the well-being of our students.”


‍Daybreak’s evidence-based teletherapy programs are designed for children and teens, with positive, demonstrated results including higher grades, increased levels of attendance, and better outcomes both at school and at home. 81% of students have symptomatic improvements based on their GAD/PHQ scores, nearly 92% of parents report improved symptoms at home, while 8 in 10 school staff observe more positive behavior at school. 


To learn more about Chatham County Schools mental health services, reach out to Breanna Ellington at or 919-548-4597.


About Daybreak Health 

Daybreak Health, a leader in school-based mental health services, partners with over 90 school K-12 districts across the country to provide mental health support to help students reach their full potential. Daybreak’s programs are designed to give students access to high-quality, affordable, and culturally competent care to meet their unique needs. Our evidence-based programs treat students to a place of concrete improvement to drive academic outcomes like better grades, higher attendance, and behavioral improvements. To learn more about Daybreak’s school-based mental health programs including teletherapy, onsite services, and more, visit