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CCS awarded with the EVERFI Empowered Seal

PITTSBORO — Chatham County Schools was awarded the Empowered District Seal from EVERFI for its exemplary commitment to whole-child education. Only 10% of school districts across the country were granted this award. Chatham County students are now eligible to earn Empowered Seal Scholarships.


The EVERFI Empowered Seal is a designation awarded to K-12 school districts and individual schools that have demonstrated an exemplary commitment to whole-child education through the use of EVERFI’s comprehensive, evidence-informed digital programs.


These programs inform and empower students on critical issues including financial literacy, social-emotional learning, health and wellness, inclusion, and college and career readiness.  Educating the whole child not only impacts how healthy, engaged and productive students are during school but also their well-being and success far beyond the K-12 years.


“We use EVERFI in several of our Career & Technical Education classes to enhance our students' learning experience,” said DeLisa Cohen, Curriculum & Instructional Management Coordinator. “Our Career and Technical Education teachers have incorporated EVERFI Digital Learning Resources into their courses so that our students are better prepared for their future choices. Our career and technical education teachers are always striving to help our students be better prepared for their future endeavors by providing them with real-world knowledge.”