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4Rs: Recruit, recognize, retain and reward

We wanted to make sure all employees were aware of our current 4Rs bonus program: Recruit, recognize, retain and reward.

This package provides all employees, who remain in the district, a retention bonus in the amount of $3,750 (pro-rated based upon percentage of employment).  The bonus will be paid with the normal September 2022 pay date for those employed as of Sept. 1, 2022. Employees will be required to stay through the end of the school year (June 2023) or, as with previous retention bonuses, they will have to re-pay the entire $3,750 back to the district. In keeping with previous bonuses paid, substitutes will not be eligible for the bonus (however, we increased substitute pay in January 2022). 

Our current recruitment signing bonus initiative for permanent ongoing employees will continue as previously approved by the Board of Education. This provides a $3,500 signing bonus for licensed staff and a $1,500 signing bonus for classified staff.

In addition, this plan includes an employee referral incentive program. Current employees who recruit candidates to the district are eligible for referral bonuses once these employees are hired. For a teacher referral, employees will receive $1,000; for an instructional assistant referral, employees will receive $300; and for a bus driver/child nutrition services/custodial referral, employees will receive $250. The overall program is capped at an expense of $75,000.

Staff received recognition in the form of allotments at the end of the school for going above and beyond this past year.