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Shaner frames big-picture approach at Perry W. Harrison Elementary   

Principal Amy Doty and educator Natalie Shaner

PITTSBORO — The whole child is in Natalie Shaner’s mind when she enters Perry W. Harrison Elementary School. 

“Since the day I set foot in my classroom, I’ve held one central belief," Shaner said. Interim Superintendent Dr. Randy Bridges and educator Natalie Shaner"The education of our children plays a vital role in the growth and progress of our society."

That approach gets at why Shaner emerged as the 2021-22 Chatham County Schools Teacher of the Year. The award has positioned her for regional competition, which could lead to a shot at statewide recognition. 

Dr. Randy Bridges, the interim superintendent of Chatham County Schools, and Amy Doty, Perry W. Harrison Elementary’s principal, congratulated Shaner. 

Shaner teaches both second- and third-graders. She’s been an educator nearly 27 years, and there’s no confusing why she keeps showing up for work.

“Our children are our future, and in order to do right by them, we must equip them for an ever-changing world by teaching them not only academic knowledge and skills but vital social and emotional competencies,” Shaner said. “We’re not simply teaching students; we’re teaching people.”

Published May 19, 2021