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Silk Hope School’s Vanore named district’s top teacher

Silk Hope School's Angela Vanore is the district's teacher of the year.

PITTSBORO Staff meetings at Silk Hope School always include shout-outs. 

But this particular meeting … 

“Today is even more exciting for me because you get to join me in tapping our newest Chatham County Schools Teacher of the Year,” Chatham County Schools Superintendent Dr. Derrick D. Jordan told Silk Hope staff members gathered virtually through Zoom. “So would you please join me in congratulating Ms. Vanore, who has been selected as our Chatham County Schools Teacher of the Year!”

Angela Vanore, who teaches sixth-grade English and social studies at Silk Hope, gazed into her computer screen. She was stunned, speechless, and then she found a few words. 

“I can’t believe that I just got this award,” said Vanore, giddy and at the same time on the verge of tears. 

“Angela, we are so, so excited and happy for you!” Silk Hope Principal Angie Brady-Andrew said. 

The award positions Vanore for a shot at becoming regional teacher of the year. Hitting that mark would have her vying for statewide recognition. 

“We look forward to her representing us at the regional level,” Jordan said. “You certainly will represent us well.”

It’s because when it comes to education, Vanore flat-out gets it, Brady-Andrew said. 

“Ms. Vanore is purposeful when it comes to building relationships with her students, and she intentionally plans and delivers her instruction to meet their varied needs — academic as well as social and emotional needs,” Brady-Andrew said. “She looks for the best in everyone — students and adults — and then she creates opportunities to showcase and highlight those characteristics. Bottom line, she believes in her kids, and she’s not hesitant about letting them or anyone else know how she feels.”

“In my classroom, there is no injustice, and everyone is equal,” Vanore explained. “In my classroom, my students — who might not ever leave Chatham County — can go anywhere their imaginations and books can take them. In my classroom, my students learn what it means to be a functioning member of society, someone who does not take advantage of those that are less fortunate, and they don’t frown upon and exploit others’ differences.” 

Vanore has been teaching for 17 years, eight of them at Silk Hope.  

“My school is so great. I cannot even describe how wonderful Silk Hope is, and I know I’m biased and wear rose-tinted glasses,” Vanore said. “I couldn't be the teacher that I am without the other teachers at Silk Hope, because we hold each other accountable. I have the best principal in the world, and we have the best curriculum coach. I have great mentors at my school. I have the best middle school team that I could ask for. I mean, I just can’t even believe that I’ve just got this. I cannot. But it’s not because I did something. It’s because of the school and because of the people that I work with.”

“The fact that you are sharing the spotlight with our colleagues speaks volumes about who you are as a professional,” Jordan said.  “I so appreciate your acknowledgement of that. It takes everybody.”

“Not a moment  goes by that you don’t do that,” Silk Hope curriculum coach Leigh Ann Cardman said. “There is never a time that you don't thank others and think of others, and your genuine love for kids is so incredibly apparent.”

Published June 2, 2020