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Practicing social distancing, choir practice one in same

PITTSBORO — Shows must go on even during social distancing.  

Margaret B. Pollard Middle School music teacher Kami Keesor tapped technology to enable her students to merge space and time, helping them explore what's possible.acapollard

In other words, instead of using COVID-19 to make excuses, Keesor made music. 

“We have been meeting twice a week over Zoom and holding rehearsals to learn new music,” Keesor said about her A CaPollard Singers. “I also made practice tracks for them to practice with in between rehearsals. Once we all felt ready, I had them each record themselves individually on a website called Soundtrap. I put all the recordings together to recreate our group dynamic. Next, I had the students each take pictures of themselves to match the theme of the music and send them to me. Finally, I put all the pictures together with the music and some cool effects to create a beautiful video.”

And voila!

Published May 3, 2020