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Wellman weaving core instruction through visual arts  

Arts educator Darren Wellman works with a student at Pittsboro Elementary School.

PITTSBORO — It was science. 

It was math. 

Essentially, though, it was art in Darren Wellman’s classroom at Pittsboro Elementary School. He had his kindergarteners wrapping up a unit on both geometric and free-form shapes. Out of  those shapes they created color designs. 

“Upon finishing that lesson, students were completing an integrated lesson about snowflakes,” explained Wellman, a visual-arts educator. “Why it snows, how snowflakes change shape due to temperature change.”

Sounds like meteorology.

The students used scissors to create individual snowflake designs. To vary the size of those snowflakes, the kindergarteners folded paper into half-sized and quarter-sized sheets — more math.

Darren Wellman works with students at Pittsboro Elementary School.

Published Dec. 26, 2019