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Technically, Taylor's tweaks keep district's educators innovating

Technician Jeff Taylor is with Principal Valencia Toomer and Superintendent Dr. Derrick D. Jordan.
PITTSBORO — Chatham County Schools employees this academic year earned Firestarter Awards for innovative approaches to education. Jeff Taylor, a technician, picked up one after the staff at Horton Middle School raved about the winsome demeanor he displays while solving their problems and enabling them to keep on innovating. Taylor serves the staff at Northwood High School, as well, yet  manages to show up to fix what’s broken on the same day educators put in their work orders.

Jeff spends endless hours making our technology dreams come true,” Horton Assistant Principal Bradyn Robinson said. “There have been multiple times where we had an idea that we did not know how to make happen, and Jeff was able to suggest software and hardware that could effectively achieve our goal.”

Published May 29, 2019