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More good, hard work ahead for J.S. Waters Betas

J.S. Waters class of 2019 Beta Club

GOLDSTON — The 2019 class of the J.S. Waters Junior Beta Club has been inducted.

Now for the harder work.

“I just hope they realize what they signed up for,” Beta Club eighth-grader Makayla Oldham said after the April 5 induction ceremony.

J.S. Waters student Maeson Smith entertained the crowd at the school's 2019 Junior Beta Club induction ceremony. Oldham led the inductees in the Beta pledge to uphold the club’s keys of service, achievement, character and leadership.

“It’s kind of like a pledge of commitment,” Oldham said.

Beta entrance requires an overall grade average of 93 percent, which is an A. Club members must maintain a combined A average of at least 90 percent in their core courses of math, science, social studies and language arts. As well, club members are required to put in five hours of community service each year.

“It’s extra work, but it pays off,” Oldham said. J.S. Waters School Principal Chris Bowling congratulates new members of the school's Junior Beta Club.   

Plus, there’s a certain status that comes with Beta membership; club members are kind of a big deal on campus, role models, explained eighth-grader Sholl Burkhead, who presides over the Beta Club at J.S. Waters.

Educators Lisa Johnson, Robbie Sirls and Dawn Ziblay oversee the Beta Club at J.S. Waters.

“My Beta kids are fantastic,” said Sirls, who’s been advising the school's club for 17 years.

Published April 5, 2019