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NCASCD distinguishes McMillan for teaching excellence

PINEHURST — Michael McMillan, who teaches seventh-grade science at Horton Middle School in Pittsboro, received the 2019 NCASCD Teaching Excellence Award during the organization's annual conference at The Carolina Hotel on the Pinehurst golf resort.Michael McMillan accepts the NCASCD 2019 Teaching Excellence Award at The Carolina Hotel in Pinehurst, North Carolina.

Horton Principal Valencia Toomer and Horton Assistant Principal Bradyn Robinson nominated McMillan for the award, which recognizes an innovative teacher in North Carolina who for at least three years has met the needs of his or her students through unique ideas with proven results in student achievement or whole-child tenets.

“He’s a really good teacher, and he puts it in a fun-learning way,” Horton student Elaine Daniels said. “Like, he’ll demonstrate it for us. He’ll get two students, and he will do Students say Horton Middle School teacher Michael McMillan puts science concepts within their grasp.  something involving the subject.”

“He puts it in different ways that you’d never expect and ways that we understand, and then we relate that to the science for him,” Horton student Marissa Clouse said.

Clouse, Daniels and their classmates were using plastic cups, marbles and wooden sticks to explore concepts of engineering. Some of the students hit snags.

McMillan had their backs.

“Whenever you need help, he’s always there for you,” Horton student Keely Robinson said.

McMillan would tell you he’s just doing his job.

"I'm very grateful to Mrs. Toomer and Mr. Robinson for the nomination and was very proud to represent Horton Middle School and Chatham County Schools at the conference," McMillan said. "Every seventh-grade science teacher — every teacher — should prioritize positive relationships with students and making the curriculum as fun and engaging as possible."

Horton Middle School teacher Michael Moore helps students with engineering concepts. Published Feb. 21, 2019