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Bennett students thank military veterans with giant salute

BENNETT — The overall gesture was simple enough, Bennett Panthers pausing in the school’s auditorium to thank military veterans for what they did for America.

Simple, yet it meant so much to Bennett parent and U.S. Navy veteran Robert Cox.   

“These kids help us to remember and put it in perspective,” Cox said. “I’ve come every year they’ve had it. It is excellent what these kids do, and I think these teachers in this school help them remember what this was about, because it doesn’t ever need to be forgotten.”

What these Bennett School kids did, simply, was sing “Yankee Doodle” and “Twinkle, Twinkle Fifty States.” Eighth-grader Mack Luther plucked a mighty mean banjo. Everybody in the room sang “God Bless the USA,” before Colby King — wearing an Uncle Sam suit — offered a parting salute.

Simple gestures.

Simply genuine.

“That’s why we need programs like this and teachers like this,” Cox said. “These teachers are some of the best I’ve seen around the country. And I mean they really  encourage and try to teach these kids well, and I’m proud of these teachers and what they do here.

“It’s up to these kids. The kids are the future of this country.”