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Scholastic Cup trending Northwood

PITTSBORO — Northwood High School has a commanding, 93-point lead over Charlotte’s Myers Park High School in the battle among large schools for the 2A N.C. Association for Scholastic Activities (NCASA) Scholastic Cup.

“The winner of the 2A NCASA Scholastic Cup is recognized as the best high school in North Carolina,” NCASA executive director Leon Pfeiffer said.

It’s about the points, and Northwood has earned them in five of the six completed events, including a cappella (55 points), art showcase (50), dance ensemble (40), chess (27.5) and something known as Twelve (40). Myers Park has earned points in just three of those events. 
Northwood's Twelve team works toward Scholastic Cup.

Twelve is an original competition developed by the NCASA wherein teams of 12 students tackle 12 topics tallying 12 questions.

Schools get five points for participating in Scholastic Cup events, and teams can earn an additional 50 points for first-place finishes. There are 18 events.

Northwood came up short during regional competition for Quiz Bowl and had to settle for the accompanying five participation points.

Upcoming events include the competition to find the best show choir, and there’s The Quill, in which teams of four students create written pieces based on a prompt from a specific text type. Northwood's dance team works toward Scholastic Cup.

The NCASA will determine who gets the crown for the Scholastic Cup during its annual meeting May 8 in Winston-Salem. It’s about the points, and if Northwood ends up with the most, then the numbers will speak for themselves, according to Pfeiffer.

“Competition is the best way to recognize the best of anything, and this would indicate that Northwood High School is the best school,” Pfeiffer said. Northwood's chess team works toward Scholastic Cup.