• Siler City Elementary School Families,

    As a reminder, on June 10th select 4th and 5th grade students who did not successfully pass the End of Grade Reading test on their first attempt will have an opportunity to try again.  On June 11th, select 5th grade students who did not successfully pass the End of Grade Science test on their first attempt will have an opportunity to try again.  If you have agreed to let your child participate in the re-administration, please have them at their bus stops at the correct time.  

    Greetings Parents! Do you have a child who will be starting kindergarten this year? If so, have you heard about the Get On Track Kindergarten Readiness Camp? The dates are from July 29 through August 15, Mondays through Thursdays from 8:00-12:30. Paper registrations can be found at all schools, or you can go to the Chatham County Schools’ website and register online under Summer Learning Opportunities.

    You should have received a paper with the dates of our summer PTA work nights. We still are in need of workers. Please consider volunteering. Your child can also work if they are 10 years of age or older.  Call the front office if you are willing to help. This is our biggest fundraisers for our PTA. Thank you for your help.

    We have been so impressed with how hard your kids have worked in 2018/19 and how much they have learned.  We need them ready to take their learning to even higher levels next school year. To the extent possible, please give your child rich experiences this summer.  Take them on hikes, visit parks and museums, go on a bike ride, talk to them about their futures, and most importantly, have them read, read, read (Dr. Savage will be kissing a pig next September if students read over the summer and complete their reading logs).  Always remember, you are your children’s greatest teachers!

    Have a wonderful summer!

    Dr. Larry Savage

    Principal, SCE

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  • Our SCE 5th grade ‘Moving Up’ ceremony will be held on June 5 from 6:00 to 7:00 in the Jordan Matthews HS auditorium.  The ceremony will be followed by a reception in the JM cafeteria with light snacks. We look forward to seeing you there.

    Nuestra ceremonia de promoción de 5o grado se llevará a cabo el 5 de junio de 6:00 to 7:00 en el auditorio de la escuela Jordan Matthews High School. La ceremonia será seguida por una recepción en la cafetería de la escuela con refrigerios ligeros. Esperamos verlos allí.

    Larry Savage, Ed.D.
    Siler City Elementary School
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  •    Is your child struggling with learning their multiplication facts?  Well, we are here to help!


        Siler City Elementary is implementing a program called “Multiplication Masters” for students in grades 3-5.  This is an incentive program which will encourage and reward students who demonstrate mastery for the 2 through the 9 multiplication tables.  Students will receive small rewards for each level mastered, and students who achieve mastery of all facts will have their name and picture posted on the wall between the cafeteria and Art classrooms.  These Multiplication Masters will also participate in a celebration at the end of the program! All participants will receive a certificate for mastery or participation. The program runs from March 4-April 12.  A letter was sent home earlier by students explaining the program. Parents are asked to help their child practice these facts daily with flash cards, practice problems, games, etc. For those with internet access, a Symbaloo is available on the school website under the Student tab.  Look for “Multiplication Masters.” This resource has several math websites that can be accessed for additional practice. We are excited about the program and hope to recognize many Multiplication Masters! Thank you for your help!

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  • Note that the survey deadline is January 9, 2019. As always, feel free to let me know if you have questions. Thank you for your help!


    We are seeking stakeholder input on two draft calendars for the 2019-20 school year. Click here to find out more and share your feedback by January 9, 2019.


    Estamos solicitando a las personas interesadas su opinion sobre los  dos borradores del calendarios para el año escolar 2019-20. Presione AQUI para obtener más información y compartir sus comentarios antes del 9 de enero de 2019.

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    Take the Survey!
    AIG/Advanced Learners Program
    Shape the Future by Taking the Survey
    This survey is for parents of identified AIG/Advanced Learners. It is anonymous. Please complete one per child. We are gathering data to help us revise the AIG plan for the district. Thank you for your help. 
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    The District Calendar Committee with representatives from every school is in the process of developing two draft 2018-2019 school calendars* to present to the Board of Education (BOE) for their consideration. Calendar A includes 180 instructional days for students, and Calendar B includes 178 instructional days. Click (HERE - Option A) (HERE - Option B) to view a copy of the draft calendars. Click HERE to view the state calendar law requirements (G.S. 115C-84.2) and local priorities.

    Click HERE to provide feedback to the District Calendar Committee. Please note that the committee will only be able to consider suggestions that comply with the state calendar law. The deadline to submit feedback is January 26, 2018.

    *The Chatham Center for Innovation (CCI) will adhere to a different calendar to be established at a later date.

    Survey deadline:  January 29, 2018

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    The North Carolina state calendar law (G.S. 115C-84.2) requires that the 2018-2019 school calendar:

    • starts for students no earlier than the Monday closest to August 26
      • for the 2018-2019 school year, school cannot begin for students earlier than Monday, August 27
    • ends for students no later than the Friday closest to June 11
      • for the 2017-2018 school year, school cannot end for students later than Friday, June 7
    • includes a minimum of 1,025 instructional hours OR 185 instructional days
      • CCS has traditionally elected to satisfy the requirement for 1,025 instructional hours
    • covers at least nine calendar months
    • contains a total number of 215 days (including holidays, workdays, and annual leave days)
    • includes at least (10) teacher workdays, at least two that allow teachers to take annual leave
    • includes a minimum of (10) annual leave days
    • includes the same or equivalent number of legal holidays that are designated by the State Personnel Commission (11 total), one of which is Veterans Day

    The CCS 2018-2019 school calendar must comply with all components of the law.


    The District Calendar Committee incorporated the following local priorities into the the draft 2018-2019 calendar:

    • include a minimum of (3) teacher workdays for Required Professional Development (RSD)
    • include a minimum of (3) Early Release Days for school-level professional development
    • to the greatest extent possible, maintain a balance of the number of days in each semester


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