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    Department Phone Number: 919.542.5877

    Department Fax Number: 919.542.5043


    Student Services Staff

    Chasity King:  Student Services Secretary (cbyrd@chatham.k12.nc.us)

    Sonia Logan, Counselor:  9th grade A - Z  (sonialogan@chatham.k12.nc.us)

    Montgomery Hall, Counselor:  10th-12th grade with Last Names A - C & T -Z (mhall2@chatham.k12.nc.us)

    Kim Hall, Counselor:   10th-12th grade with Last Names D - H (khall@chatham.k12.nc.us)

    Telisa Hunter, Counselor:  10-12th grade with Last Names I - S (thunter@chatham.k12.nc.us)


    Denise Jones, School Nurse  (denisejones@chatham.k12.nc.us)

    Lauren Jourdan, School Nurse  (ljourdan@chatham.k12.nc.us)

    Arius Rowe, School Social Worker  (arowe@chatham.k12.nc.us)

    Christopher Byrd, School Social Worker  (cbyrd2@chatham.k12.nc.us)


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