CCS Pre-Kindergarten - - - Our 2022/2023 application packets are available now. Please make sure that you "view all" forms to get the entire packet.

PreK Student photo
  • We are accepting applications for 2022 - 2023 school year at individual school sites. Please contact the school office and pick up an application if you are interested or download and return the application to the site where you are interested in applying or to Cindy King / Danubio Vazquez.

    Sites where we currently have Pre-K and children are REQUIRED to be 4 by Aug. 31st to be eligible:

    • Chatham Grove Elementary
    • North Chatham Elementary
    • Perry Harrison Elementary
    • Pittsboro Elementary
    • Siler City Elementary
    • Virginia Cross Elementary

    Sites where we currently have Pre-K and children are REQUIRED to be 3 or 4 by Aug. 31st to be eligible: (4 year olds receive priority)

    • Bennett

    Current Private Pay Fees for the 2021-2022 school year:

    • $300.00 application/acceptance fee deposit (non-refundable when you are accepted - does NOT go toward monthly tuition)
    • $615.00 per month (September – June) - - - regular school day (8-2:30)
    • Fees subject to change for 2022 - 2023.  The rate is unknown at this time.


    *  We do accept Subsidy vouchers. 


    *  If we are required to close for any reason, tuition remains due in full.  (This includes COVID closures.)

    *  All Pre-k classes follow the Chatham County Board Approved 10 month calendar (but our start date is in September and PreK will begin over the first couple of weeks in September).  We do not offer care on workdays, holidays, inclement weather or during the summer. 

    * Curriculum for PreK:

    Afterschool Opportunities: (click on blue link to view flyer)   Chatham YMCA PreK Afterschool Flyer

    The following information is required for a completed application packet:

    • Completed Forms (Applications: DCDEE, DPI student enrollment Powerschool form, NCPreK - if you want to be considered for NCPreK)
    • Certified copy of the Birth Certificate (verify age)
    • Updated/Current shot record with all required immunizations
    • Physical completed after acceptance into our program (within the first 30 calendar days - September)
    • Copy of a picture ID and a bill (proof of address)
    • Medical Action Plans are due to complete application.

    Please turn all the above completed applications prior to the second Friday in March  (March 11, 2022) to be considered in the first round of private pay enrollment. 

    NOTE:  We do accept applications all year however, the second Friday in March will be used to determine space availability in the district. 

    Every effort will be made to notify parents late April/May about their child’s acceptance for the Private Pay slots only - - - Title I and NCPreK slots will be filled as late as end of July to mid-August when the funds/slots have been released - - - Title I Screening for interested applicants will be in late May and early June by appointment only. If you have questions, contact Cindy King at 919-663-3610 ext 1 or ext 2 (for Spanish).

    NCPreK (Child MUST be 4 by or on August 31) 

    What is this?

    These slots are available in ALL 11 preschool classrooms across Chatham County. This is a state supported program for “at risk preschoolers” for a 6 ½ hour preschool day (8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m) who meet the required eligibility. If you are interested in applying, please see the front office or pre-k teacher to give you a NCPreK application. You have to be eligible to enter into this program. (Slots are limited.)

    Title I (Child MUST be 4 by or on August 31) 

    What is this?

    These are slots that are available based on students that have the greatest academic need and screening is required and covers a 6 ½ hour preschool day (8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m) if your child is eligible for the allotted slots. Not all students who screen will be eligible and qualify for this program. (Slots are limited.)