Chatham County Schools Dual Language Program

Chatham County DL-1
  • Mission of the Chatham County Dual Language Program

    CCS Dual Language programs will prepare students as critical thinkers and productive citizens through the acquisition of the literacy and cultural skills necessary to communicate effectively in English and Spanish, expanding their worldview and college and career opportunities. 


    What are the goals of the Chatham County Dual Language Program?

    1. To ensure our students achieve a high level of proficiency in Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Understanding and Communicating in both English and Spanish.
    2. To ensure our students attain academic levels equal to or exceeding state standards.
    3. To foster positive cross-cultural attitudes and behaviors.


    What are the benefits of a Dual Language Program?

    There are many benefits to participating in a Two Way Immersion (Dual Language Program).  In addition to advanced cognitive skills that last a lifetime and greater employment opportunities, studies show that bilingual people are more able to resolve conflict and tolerate differences in others.  Students who are bilingual also show greater creativity in solving math problems and utilize a broader vocabulary.  


    Which Chatham County Schools offer Dual Language?

    Elementary Level:

    North Chatham and Siler City Elementary SchoolsStudents enrolling in Kindergarten may request placement in our Dual Language programs. Parents should contact these schools for information regarding space available in the program ad any specific procedures for enrolling in the program.In certain cases students may be admitted after Kindergarten grade depending upon available space and a student’s proficiency with English and Spanish.  


    Middle Grades Level:

    Chatham Middle School - Students enrolled in the Dual Language Program at Siler City Elementary have the opportunity to continue in the program at Chatham Middle School.  The Dual Language Program is implemented in Grades 6, 7 & 8.

    Margaret Pollard Middle School - Effective August of 2018, students enrolled in the Dual Language Program at North Chatham Elementary will have the opportunity to continue in the program at Margaret Pollard Middle School. The Dual Language Program at Margaret Pollard will start with 6th graders and then add 7th and 8th graders in subsequent years. 


    High School Level:

    Jordan-Matthews High School - Students who complete the Dual Language Program at Chatham Middle may choose to continue by completing a course of study combining courses taught in English and/or Spanish with the opportunity to earn a NC Seal of Biliteracy upon graduation.