• Below you will find a summary of the variety of benefits we currently offer to eligible employees.  An employee working in 75% to 100% positions qualifies as "full-time" for benefits. An employee working in 74% or less positions does not qualify as "full-time" for benefits. Should you have any questions regarding the benefits listed, please contact Leslie Williams, Benefits Specialist ( or (919)542-3626 ext. 23347

Summary of Benefits Available

  • Annual Leave (Vacation)

    • Employees earn annual leave based on the length of total State service (prorated for part-time employees).  Employees must work at least half the working days in a month to earn leave.
    • No more than 240 hours of annual leave can be carried over from the end of one calendar year into another.  If the employee separates, payment for accumulated annual leave cannot exceed 240 hours.
    • At the end of the calendar year, any annual leave exceeding 240 hours is credited to the employee's sick leave account.

    Civil/Military Leave

    • Available to qualified employees, as needed

    Death Benefit

    • If an employee with at least one (1) year of contributions to the retirement system dies while in active service, his/her beneficiary receives a single lump-sum payment based on the employee's salary at the time of death; however, the payment will be no less than $25, 000 and no more than $50,000. The benefits extends 180 days beyond the last date of employment.

    Dental Insurance

    • Chatham County Schools offers dental insurance under Pierce Group Benefits.  The employee pays the entire cost of dental coverage.

    Disability Income Plan

    • Provides income for eligible State employees who become temporarily or permanently disabled for performance of duties prior to retirement.
    • Employees are eligible for short-term (one year) benefits after one (1) year of contribution to the retirement system, and for long-term (indefinite duration) benefits after five (5) years.
    • Plan requires a sixty (60) day waiting period before benefits begin

    Educational Assistance

    • Reimbursement of tuition expenses for lateral entry teachers AND teachers/instructional assistants employed by the district for two (2) years or more
    • Educational leave, with supervisory approval and available funds, may be granted if the education is deemed to be of sufficient benefit to the department and the employee has attained permanent status. 
    • Click Here for more information on Tuition Reimbursement

    Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    • An EAP is a company-sponsored benefit that offers the support and resources you need to address personal or work-related challenges and concerns.  It's confidential and free to all employees and your household family members.
    • Available 24/7/365, Free/Confidential, Legal and Financial Consultations, Telephonic or face-to-face, Connect with local providers, Referrals to other resources
    • To seek assistance, simply call 800.633.3353 or visit

    Health Insurance

    • Individual coverage for the State Health Plan is available with premiums paid by the employer.  Optional premiums to cover spouse and/or dependents are also available at an additional cost. Premiums are payroll deducted and are normally on a pre-tax basis. 
    • North Carolina State Health Plan


    • State employees normally observe 11 paid holidays each (12 if Christmas Day falls on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday)

    Flexible Benefits Plan (AmeriFlex)

    • Features available through this plan include a medical spending account, dependent care spending account, traditional and managed-care dental options, vision care plan, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance.
    • Deductions are made on a pre-tax basis 

    Leave of Absence without Pay

    • Educational (Certified staff only), medical, military, family medial and parental leave (for birth, adoption or placement of a foster child) or any other reasons approved by the Superintendent and Board of Education may be granted to eligible employees. 

    Life Insurance

    • Basic Term Life Insurance of $5,000 is provided to eligible employees.  Premium is paid by the employer.
    • Optional and dependent coverage are available at a minimal cost.  
    • Visit The Hartford for other employee benefits

    Other Insurance

    • Cancer, accident, and supplemental disability plans may be purchased by eligible employees through Pierce Groups Benefits.
    • Premiums are payroll deducted 

    State Employees Credit Union

    Supplemental Retirement Income Plans 

    • North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) offers two tax-deferred plans, Prudential NC 401(k) and Prudential NC Deferred Compensation (457), in addition to the State's retirement system.  These Plans allow members to contribute towards their retirement and choose their investment portfolio.
    • Plans are available through payroll deduction

    Salary Supplement

    Tax-Deferred Annuities

    • 403(b) programs are available through companies chosen by the eligible employee from an approved list for payroll deduction. 


    • NC Retirement (non-optional participation) is for all permanent full-time employees, with costs shared by the employee (6%) and the State.
    • Deductions are on a pre-tax basis.
    • At retirement, employees can receive monthly payments for life (based on salary, age, and years of creditable service) or can receive a contributions refund.  Employees can also request a contributions refund upon employment separation
    • Contributed funds earn 4% interest after five (5) years of employment. 

    Sick Leave

    • All full-time employees earn one (1) day of sick leave each month that they work at least half the working days of the month (prorated for part-time employees.
    • Sick leave can accumulate indefinitely and can be used for illness of immediate family members as well as for a death in the immediate family.  Accumulated sick leave provides time credited towards retirement (20 sick days = one month) 

    Unemployment Insurance

    • Eligibility and benefit amounts are determined individually, based on a percentage of annual earnings, up to the allowable maximum 

    Workers' Compensation

    • Employees are entitled to benefits, if, while carrying out activities for the benefit of their employer, they suffer an injury by accident, a "specific traumatic incident", resulting in a hernia or back injury, or an occupational disease.  All on the job injuries must be reported to the school treasurer/administration immediately.
    • Accident reports are to be completed online at  This can also be found on the district Health & Safety page.
    • Chatham County Schools has 2 designated medical facilities for all on the job injuries.
    • Employee claims are administered by: Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc
      PO Box 14774
      Lexington KY, 40512-4774