Middle School Programs




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      Chatham County Mission Statement:

    The mission of Chatham County Schools is to graduate globally competitive, well-rounded students by providing a rigorous and relevant curriculum in an effective, safe, and nurturing learning environment.

    The Chatham County Middle School Program supports this mission by providing rigorous and relevant instruction aligned to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. Our various middle school programs are organized into interdisciplinary teams that focus on integrating content and establishing strong relationships with our students. Teachers work in teams to better assist students and help transition from elementary to high school.

    Chatham County Middle Schools include: 

    Bennett (K-8th)

          Principal, Dr. Carla Neal

          School Phone (336) 581 - 3586

    Bonlee School (K-8th)

          Principal, Kim Taylor

          School Phone (919) 837 - 5316

    Chatham Middle School (6th-8th)

          Principal, Chad Morgan

          School Phone (919) 663 - 2414

    Horton Middle School (5th-8th)

          Principal, Bradyn Robinson

          School Phone (919) 542 - 2303

    J.S. Waters School (K-8th)

          Principal, Matthew Wilkins

          School Phone (919) 898 - 2259

    Margaret Pollard (6th-8th)

          Principal, Tristen Perlberg

          School Phone (919) 969 - 0070

    Moncure School (K-8th)

          Principal, Justin Sudol

          School Phone (919) 542 - 3725

    Silk Hope School (K-8th)

          Principal, Angie Brady-Andrew

          School Phone (919) 742 - 3911