School Improvement Plan

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    Access to the PES 21-22 School Improvement Plan

    We use an online program called Indistar which includes our School Improvement Plan, Student Success Indicators, 12 key indicators, and info about meetings. * Indistar is a web-based system implemented by the North Carolina Department of Instruction for use by school improvement teams to inform, coach, sustain, track, and report improvement activities. Stakeholders may access PES' plan by using the following link:

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    2021-2022 Leadership Team Members

    2021 - 2022 Comprehensive Plan 

    • Kindergarten - Ms. Dawn Warren
    • First Grade - Ms. Stephanie Holden
    • Second Grade - Ms. Jessica Wilkie
    • Third Grade - Ms. Jennifer Olechnowicz
    • Fourth Grade - Ms. Deanna Weaver 
    • Support Staff - Mr. Orlando Dobbin, Ms. Catherine Oldham, Ms. Lynne Henning, Ms. Jessica Spillman
    • Instructional Support Staff - Ms. Larissa Dowdy
    • Specials - Mr. Toby Turnbull
    • EC - Ms. Michele Cunningham
    • SIT Co-Chairs - Ms. Stephanie Holden, Ms. Ashley Long


    SIT Meetings

     Zoom Meetings or in the PES PLC Room

    September 7
    October 5
    November 2
    December 7
    January 11
    February 1
    March 1
    April 5
    May 3
    June 7