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Books and Information


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    19 year old Melvil Dewey created an organizational system for identifying books by subjects.  Dewey's system was based on using whole numbers to identify the overall subject (see below). The decimals are good identifiers for specific details within the subjects. For Dewey,  FICTION would fit into the category '800 Literature'. 

    21st century libraries place FICTION completely separated from the rest of the collection.

    000      Generalities (General Works)         001 Knowledge, 002 Books

    100      Philosophy and Psychology             135 Dreams 

    200      Religion                                             216 Good & evil

    300      Social Sciences                                  361.2 Social action

    (laws, social problems+issues)

    400      Language                                           468 Standard Spanish usage

    500      Natural Science and Mathematics    595.79 butterflies, moths

    600      Applied Sciences and Technology    686 Printing & related activities

    700      Fine Arts and Recreation                  781.5 Kinds of music; 796 Athletic & ... games  

    800      Literature                                           810 American lit. in English; 861 Spanish poetry

    900      Geography, History                           973 United States;  930 History of ancient world 


    Reference books are on the wall near the glass office.     

    920  Collective (groups of people) biographies near the Library Office                 

    921   Individual bio's + autobiographies right after the Collective biographies       

      Explore the amazing selection of DATABASES available to you:

    * * * * * * Directions for NC WiseOwl: NC WiseOWL ⇐ Click       

    1.  Click "High School".          

    2.  Choose any heading that relates to your topic.  

    • example: Choose "SCIENCE"    Then enter "cloning" or "environmental science" .   
    • another example:  Go to "Student Resources in Context"  --Enter Finland--- Look at the location, maps, info, languages 

             OR Click on the  DATABASE "Academic Search Complete".     

    To use NC WISEOWL when not at school, you need INTERNET + the 2018-19 PASSWORD for both login+ pw.

    Get the login and password from any teacher or the librarian, Mrs. Kreutzberg.

    Helpful sites:

    1.  Purdue OWL  Purdue University's website to help with writing  = http://owl.english.purdue.edu/

    2.   EBSCO  - hundreds of THOUSANDS OF research databases - No password is needed at school. When at home use the NC WiseOwl password.

    Printing: Students cannot distance print at NHS; your Chromebook must be connected by cable to a copier.

    1. Follow the 4 pages of directions for adding a copier to your Chromebook. 

    2. YOU will have to add each of the 4 copiers separetly.

    3.  Directions are on the tops of all copiers in library.

    4.  Problems?  jammed?  needs paper?  an odd message?  Do NOT push print again, again, again as that will slow all work down.

           ASK the Tech Department for help: before school and the morning through around 12 and after 1.

    5. COLOPRINTING + students: Send your docs in an email to a teacher and ask that he/she print. Teachers will have to be in the libary to make copies.  They must attach by cable to the color copier.  Students may not use Library Office copiers--color or black and white.