• School Improvement Plan:

    The North Carolina Department of Instruction hosts the North Chatham Elementary School Improvement Plan on Indistar*.

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     *Indistar is a web-based system implemented by the North Carolina Department of Instruction for use by school improvement teams to inform, coach, sustain, track, and report improvement activities.

    School Improvement Team Members:

    • Principal- Janice Giles
    • Assistant Principal- Mallory Heffelfinger
    • Curriculum Coach- Jennifer Young
    • PreK- Nicole Casey
    • Kindergarten- Sarah Fisher
    • 1st Grade- Loretta Hackney
    • 2nd Grade- Susana Negroni
    • 3rd Grade- Jesse Morrison
    • 4th Grade- Sandy Sistrunk
    • 5th Grade- Becky Exley
    • AIG/ESL/Reading/Intervention- Amy Bonds
    • Exceptional Children- Taylor Dunham
    • Specials- Sharon Stahoviak
    • Student Services- Vincent Allen
    • Instructional Assistant- Mariana Trejo
    • Parents- Erica DeMercurio, Ruth-Ann Lee & Marianne Maschal

    School Improvement Team Meetings:

    All meetings are from 3:30-4:45 in the NCE Library unless otherwise noted.
    • September 26th
    • October 24th
    • November 28th
    • January 23rd
    • February 27th
    • March 26th
    • April 23th
    • May 28th