Moncure Panther Athletics


  • 2019 Fall Sports Schedules


    2019 Cross Country Schedule 


    Wednesday 9/18

    @ Bonlee –  Teams running-  Chatham Middle, Horton, Silk Hope

    @ Margaret Pollard – Teams running- Bennett, J. S. Waters, Moncure


    Thursday 9/26

    @ Chatham Middle – J. S. Waters, Margaret Pollard, Silk Hope

    @ Horton – Bennett, Bonlee, Moncure


    Monday 9/30

    @ Bennett – Chatham Middle, Horton, Margaret Pollard

    @ Silk Hope – Bonlee, J. S. Waters, Moncure


    Thursday 10/10

    @ J. S. Waters – Bennett, Horton, Silk Hope

    @ Moncure – Bonlee, Chatham Middle, Margaret Pollard


    Monday 10/21

    Conference Meet @ Jordan Matthews High School in Siler City

    Regular Season Meets Walk Course @ 4:00

    Girls Race @ 4:30

    Boys Race @ 5:00

    JV combined @ 5:30


    Regular Season top 10 runners from each school will run in first 2 races, all others in combined race.

    Conference Meet only top 7 runners from each school will run in Varsity race, all others in JV race.



    2019 Boys Soccer Schedule 



    Tuesday 9/17

    Horton @ Moncure- Rescheduled for Thursday, 9/26 at 4:15 pm


    Thursday 9/19

    Moncure @ Margaret Pollard


    Monday 9/23

    Margaret Pollard @ Moncure


    Thursday 9/26

    Rescheduled from last week**

    Horton @ Moncure


    Tuesday 10/1

    Chatham Middle @ Moncure


    Monday 10/7

    Moncure @ Chatham Middle


    Wednesday 10/9

    Moncure @ Horton


    Tuesday 10/15

    Moncure @ Horton (Last Game of the Season)



    2019 Girl's Softball Schedule


    Tuesday 9/17


    Horton @ Moncure



    Thursday 9/19

    Moncure @ Margaret Pollard



    Monday 9/23

    Silk Hope @ Moncure


    Tuesday 9/24

    Moncure @ Bennett

     Tuesday 10/1

    Chatham Middle @ Moncure



    Thursday 10/3

    Bonlee @ Moncure



    Tuesday 10/8

    Moncure @ J. S. Waters



    Wednesday 10/9

    Bonlee @ Moncure


    Wednesday 10/16-  The last 3 games are in a round robin format.  This is not a Tournament.

    Moncure @ Chatham Middle (Moncure is the 8th Seed)


    Thursday 10/17


    Moncure @ Horton


    Tuesday 10/22

    Pollard @ Moncure (Last Game of the Season)



    *Games begin at 4:15 pm

    *Please remember that ALL games are subject to change at any time.  Thank you!

    How to Join Remind for Athletics:

    Click on the Remind tab under links

    sign up,  the class is Moncure Athletics, use code qathletics 

    Then you will get a welcome message.

    If you have not joined the Moncure Athletics Remind, please do so as soon as you can. We will communicate a lot of information this way.


    • 1 Sport  = 9 Hours
    • 2 Sports  = 12 Hours
    • 3 Sports  = 15 Hours
    • Working at the thrift store during the week in the evenings, such as on Tuesday night when Moncure has scheduled worknights, you can earn apporximately 3 hours each night.  You can also sign up to empty the dropbox and get approximately 3 hours as well each time.  These hours are for the full entire school year.

    Working in July or August  earns double time for the athlete & anyone working with them. The funds raised are for purchasing uniforms as needed, pay officials, transportation to away games, & items needed for each sport.