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  • Friends,

    If you're reading this, then you've almost survived the first week, too! *Shew!* And your reward is that Monday is our first holiday, Labor Day! So, no school and the PTA Thrift Shop is closed. If you'd like to sign up for another of our Monday workdays, though, you can click here. The PTA Thrift Store is pivotal to our organization

    • it helps teachers/groups (like the band) earn dollars to pay for supplies that are not provided through school budgets (we ALL know those have been cut);
    • it provides funds to the PTSA to support things like the 5th grade academy, the accelerated reader program, and other important initiatives; and
    • it allows students to meet obligations! For instance, NJHS members, band members, and 7th grade students can earn towards their obligations with little or no cash out of pocket!

    So, a SPECIAL THANK YOU to those of you who have volunteered at the PTA Thrift Store.

    AND, a SPECIAL THANK YOU to those of you who have had the opportunity to join the PTSA for the 2018-19 year, For those who have not had the opportunity to do so yet, please take a moment to renew your annual membership here. You can also pick up your spiritwear at that site. If you need sizes not available on the site, please e-mail me and I'll take care of it.

    Lastly, remember that the PTSA is YOUR organization. If any of us can help you as you progress through the year or if you have ideas you think we should pursue, please reach out to one of us at hortonptsa@gmail.com.

    Congratulations, again, on your survival of the first week! Hope to see you at an event soon!


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  • PTSA General Meetings

    Mark your calendars! The General Meetings for the 2018-19 school year have been set!

    Sept 18

    Nov 15  

    Feb 21

    April 25

    We hope to see you here!


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General PTSA Information

  • Thrift Shop

    Help yourself and Horton this summer.   Spend some volunteer time at the PTSA Thrift Shop.

    • Rising 7th graders can volunteer 100 thrift store hours for a FREE Washington, D.C. trip in the 8th grade.  
    • You can volunteer an additional 100 hours for a parent/guardian to attend the trip also.
    • ALL volunteers can pick whom your volunteer hours will benefit: your teacher, a club, athletics, the DC trip, the media center.....
    • You can volunteer by emptying a drop box or attending a work group. 
    • You get to double your Thrift Shop volunteer hours during the summer!
    • Use this link to sign up and search by creator's email to find the correct sign-up items.... (hortonptsa@gmail.com) Sign Up Genius

    If you have any questions, please contact Paula Wade at rexandpaula@gmail.com

    Sign Up Genius

    To volunteer at the PTSA Thrift Shop and reserve your spot at the work group or drop box activities, please use the following link to access the Sign Up Genius. Thank you very much for your efforts!

    Sign Up Genius

    Drop Boxes




    The following is a list of Gift Cards Horton gets a percentage from each time you buy a gift card from stores you already shop in. For instance, I frequent Food Lion (on a daily basis practically), so I buy Food Lion gift cards every month and Horton receives 4.5%. If I bought $300.00 per month, Horton would get $13.50 just because I used my gift cards instead of writing checks. Click here for list of Gift Cards available.

    At the top left corner, you can choose to look at the list of retailers by category. You can purchase a gift card from just about every retailer. Please support our school and purchase the gift card before you shop.

    PLEASE CONSIDER buying gift cards at stores you already shop in and start planning for the holidays too.

    If you are a faculty member, place your order form in my box and I will place your order. If you are a parent, please e-mail me your order and I will send your order home with your child OR give it to you in the car rider line on Friday. Either way, you will need to let me know how you want me to deliver your order. Of course, I will not be able to deliver orders until I have your payment.

    Thank you for participating, and my hope is that we that earn thousands of dollars for the children at Horton Middle School.

    Lesa Henry


    Harris Teeter

    Please remember to re-register your VIC membership online so that Horton receives a donation each time you purchase groceries. Our School number is 5413.

PTSA Officers

  • Thank you to our wonderful PTSA officers who donate their time to serve the students and staff of Horton Middle School!

    Troy Lesher-Thomas   President

    Vacant   Vice President

    Lisa Joseph   Treasurer

    Elizabeth Hopp   Secretary

    Kelly Dillon   Thrift Shop-Super.

    Julia Anthenien   Thrift Shop-Books

    Alisha McFadden   Membership Coor.


    We are always in need of more volunteers for a variety of activities and events that occur through out the school year ....If you are interested in serving, please contact one of the officers. Thank you for the consideration!