Principal Chad Morgan photo

My Personal Educational Philosophy

  • As an administrator, my actions and decisions as an instructional leader consistently reflect the core values and goals of the school. I believe that education exists to prepare all students to contribute and thrive in an ever-changing global society. Education must be more than providing students with information and knowledge to pass tests or to gain a diploma; rather, education must provide students with skills and tools necessary to find answers and continue to learn and ask questions for a lifetime. I firmly believe that as an administrator I must communicate and discipline in a manner that builds kids up and strive to never tear them down.

    The majority of educational researchers concur that today’s principal can no longer be viewed as or act as a building manager. In order to promote the success of all students, a principal must be the instructional leader. I believe that I must take an active role in establishing a reflective culture that encourages collaboration and professional growth.

    As part of my philosophy, I must help create a community of learners that provides significant opportunities for leadership and participation among teachers, parents, students, and community/business leaders. I believe that people, not programs cultivate success and unity. As an instructional leader, I want to forge relationships and build trust throughout all levels of the learning community. These relationships will allow me to initiate the necessary critical conversations to address and discuss behaviors or instructional practices that contradict my philosophy or the school’s vision or goals.


    I will begin my eighth year as principal of Chatham Middle and I look forward to this school year. I am excited about the direction of our school and leading our school into a new era of education. Our school community has been through alot over the past year and a half, and I believe we have grown stronger as a school community. It will be exciting to start the school year with students in the building. Chatham Middle is prepared to serve our school community and help our students grow academically and socially.

    New Year.... New Us!

Assistant Principal