Volunteer Process

A volunteer reads to an Chatham County Schools student.
  • Thank you for your interest in volunteer opportunities with Chatham County Schools! The need for volunteers is unique to each school, but the need for parent and community partners is shared. Please contact the school(s) that you are interested in serving to identify specific volunteer opportunities.

    What is the difference between a school visitor and a volunteer?

    We created an FAQ document to help you understand the differences.  School Volunteer or Visitor?

    To become eligible to volunteer:
    New Volunteers should complete an online application.
    Volunteers that were approved for the previous school year should renew their approval for the current school year. 

    Prior to volunteering in the schools, please read the volunteer handbook, which outlines the policies and procedures for volunteers.

    Applications may be updated as needed after they are initially submitted. In the interest of student safety, volunteer duties that potentially allow unsupervised interactions with students (Level 1) require a criminal background check. The district will conduct background checks after the necessary paperwork has been submitted online.

    Prior approval must be granted before volunteers participate in Level 1 activities, and we will inform applicants about their approval status via email.

    Please note, you must submit your application a minimum of 2-weeks prior to the field trip/volunteer date.  It could take 2 days (minimum) up to 2 or more weeks for our background check company to process your criminal records check.  

    If you have questions about the volunteer application process, contact Ms. Norma Boone, Executive Director for Induction and Title II, at 919-542-3626 or nboone@chatham.k12.nc.us.

    Individuals interested in serving as a volunteer athletic coach should submit an application via the CCS Employment webpage.

    Having difficulty registering? Click Here to watch a short Instructional Registration video

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