• Seaforth Families & CommunityThe name for the Seaforth PTSA is Seaforth Families & Community. This name emphasizes the vital role that not only parents, teachers, and students play in the school, but also entire families (siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and more) and the whole community.

    The 2021-2022 SFC officers are:

    President: Elizabeth Haddix (emclhaddix@gmail.com)

    Vice President: Jen Bowman (jenniferbowman78@gmail.com)

    Treasurer: Dana Cantrell (wickedmic3@gmail.com)

    Secretary: Emily Geizer (emilygeizer@gmail.com)

    Join us

    Why?  The number one reason to join the Parent Teacher Student Association is to benefit your child.  In doing so, you also help your school.  But there are many additional advantages:

    • Get connected
    • Discover great resources
    • Tap into a network
    • Watch yourself grow
    • Speak up
    • Witness improvement
    • Be a role model

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