Chatham Grove Elementary Staff Directory

  • The Directory is being updated for the 2021-22 school year!

First Name Last Name Position Email
Susan Forester 0 K Teacher
Chris Frew 0 K Teacher
Kayla Grooms 0 K Teacher
Michelle Mann 0 K Teacher
Beth Mitchell 0 K Teacher
Ronda Teta 0 K Teacher
Ryan Armstrong 1st Teacher
Mandy Brinkley 1st Teacher
Blair Easterling 1st Teacher
Catherine Greene 1st Teacher
Laura Pace 1st Teacher
Taylor Prickett 1st Teacher
Cari-Ann Walls 1st Teacher
Sarah Bonenberger 2nd Teacher
Nicole Burk 2nd Teacher
Altangla Harrison 2nd Teacher
Kevin Moran 2nd Teacher
Kristin Scheidegger 2nd Teacher
Stephanie Wegrzyn 2nd Teacher
John Clark 3rd Teacher
Michael Denman 3rd Teacher
Allison Grimes 3rd Teacher
Connie Lawler 3rd Teacher
Amy Staley 3rd Teacher
Brandy Varner 3rd Teacher
Melissa Carpenter 4th Teacher
Briana McGinley 4th Teacher
Anjelica Nouman 4th Teacher
Emily Richardson 4th Teacher
Cathy Anstrom 5th Teacher
Chris Bowling 5th Teacher
Susan Hamilton 5th Teacher
Mary Jocys 5th Teacher
Sara Knight 5th Teacher
Merilee Chesney AIG Teacher
Kimberly Hackman AIG Teacher
Denise Wilkie AIG Teacher
Victoria Sylvestre Art Teacher
Jessica Frye Cafeteria Manager
Abby Kennedy Counselor
Elizabeth Vallero Counselor
Erin Boecke Curriculum Coach
Karin Clamann Curriculum Coach
Beth Ellis Custodian
David McKnight Custodian -- Head
Jennifer Glosson Data Msnager
Christine Davise EC Teacher
Elicia Dunk EC Teacher
Lisa Kaufman EC Teacher
Julia Seitz EC Teacher
Genevieve Guibert-Populorum ESL Teacher
Laura Dean Financial Secretary
Kae Bergene Instructional Assistant
Fernanda Mellone Instructional Assistant
Beth Slade Instructional Assistant
Kathryn Slade Instructional Assistant
Kim Vickers Instructional Assistant
LaTonya Walden Instructional Assistant
Courtney Wilson Instructional Assistant
Phyllis Kramer Interventionist -- Math
Jessy Durizch Interventionist -- Reading
Kathleen Hughes Interventionist -- Reading
Bitsy Griffin Librarian
Katie Galloway Music Teacher
Megan Gladson Nurse
Rebecca Pugh Nurse
Mirka Budlong PE Teacher
Ben Romanowski PE Teacher
Larry Savage Principal
Brook Harris Principal, Assistant
Erica Nesbit School Psychologist
Cassy Millman Social Worker
Megan Adkins Speech
Sandra Buck Speech
Joey Walden Technology