• The school improvement planning model is based upon a continuous improvement approach. School improvement planning provides a mechanism for identifying needs and establishing a common approach to meeting those needs at the school level. Effective school improvement planning contributes to overall school performance by:

    • Establishing an understanding of the "big picture" of a school's current state, including student achievement, school environment, teacher community, parent community, and administrative issues;
    • Reaching consensus across the school community on which needs represent the highest priorities for action based upon the potential to improve overall student and school performance; and
    • Identifying for implementation goals and strategies, including specific targets, indicators and milestones required to address the school priorities.You will find on this page a copy of the CGE School Improvement Plan, as well as meeting dates and minutes from the leadership team meetings.

    CGE School Improvement Plan

    We now use an online program called Indistar which includes our School Improvement Plan, Student Success Indicators, 12 key indicators and all the info about our meetings (except the minutes).  There is a public login:

     Indistar Login Information:



    Password: GuestS20243

    Meeting Dates

    September 16
    October 14
    November 18 (week later due to holiday)
    December 9
    January 13
    February 10
    March 10
    April 7
    May 12
    June 2

    SIT Team Members 

    Sara Knight - Chair/5th Grade

    Larry Savage - Principal

    Laura Dean - School Treasurer 

    Erin Boecke - Curriculum Coach

    Karin Clamann - Curriculum Coach

    Bitsy Griffin - Libraian 

    Abby Kennedy - Counselor 

    Beth Mitchell - Kindergarten

    Amanda Velleco - First Grade

    Stephanie Wegrzyn - Second Grade

    Amy Staley - Third Grade

    Emily Richardson - Fourth Grade

    Jen Sparks - Parent Representative

    Current School Improvement Plan