1st and 2nd Year Course Offerings.

  • 1st Year (9th grade)

    English I Honors

    World History Honors

    Earth Science Honors

    Biology Honors

    Math I, II or III Honors 

    HEA 110 (CCCC Course)

    ACA 122 (CCCC Course)

    *High School Elective


    2nd Year (10th grade)

    English II Honors

    Writing:  Critical Literary Analysis and Research Honors

    Civics Honors

    Chemistry Honors

    Math III Honors, PreCalc Honors (High School) or;

    MAT 171 and MAT 172 (CCCC Math)

    CCCC Electives (TBD by College Liaison and student via advising)


    * High school electives-We offer a limited number of electives in their freshman year, due to the college track our students must choose.  We do offer; Marketing, Principles of Business, Personal Finance, and Career Management via classroom teacher (subject to change each year).  We also offer courses from North Carolina School of Science and Math via Virtual Instruction.  Those offerings are determined by NCSSM.  North Carolina Virtual Public High School also provides elective course options that our students may choose.