• Asbestos Management Plan Notification of Availability

    In compliance with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Asbestos Hazards Emergency Response Act (AHERA), Chatham County Schools maintains an Asbestos Management Plan for each of our school buildings for the purpose of identifying, removing, or maintaining asbestos-containing building materials.  These complete plans are on file in the Operations Office of Chatham County Schools. 

    The EPA also requires us to perform periodic surveillances of the asbestos containing materials every six (6) months with a three (3) year inspection by an accredited Asbestos Inspector or Management Planner.  The Management Planner reviews the re-inspection reports and recommends actions that should be taken to safely manage each of the identified asbestos materials in school buildings.

    The latest re-inspection was conducted in January of 2020.  All asbestos materials will continue to be managed as recommended by our accredited Management Planner.  The next three-year inspection will be held in January of 2023. 

    The latest three-year inspection and/or six-month surveillance report(s) are available at each of our schools.  The complete Asbestos Management Plan for each school building is available at our Central Services Building in the Operations Office in Pittsboro, North Carolina.  These documents are able to be viewed during normal school hours.

    For additional information, please contact our Local Educational Agency Designee, Mr. Chris Blice, at 919-542-3626, or chrisblice@chatham.k12.nc.us.