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Mrs. Sharon Mercer

When I first began teaching 37 years ago,  two Radio Shack computers were located in my classroom (black screen/green writing!), and there had never been a computer class in the school before.  The principal at that time asked if I could teach a computer class, and I replied, "YES I CAN!"  (And when I was hired, I immediately signed up for computer classes at the community college.)  Technology has changed in 37 years.  The way students learn has changed in 37 years.  My love of education and my desire to help students find their passion in life has not.  I am happy to be a retired teacher working half-time as a Career Development Coordinator at the Chatham School of Science and Engineering !

When not at my job, I love traveling!  Since retiring, my husband and I have traveled to Portugal, Spain, Ireland, and Iceland.  We have also volunteered for three years (one month each year) on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.  It's a good life!