• The Pollard Booster Club

    A great way to get involved and enrich the experience of all Pollard students!

    What do we do?  
    We provide financial and organizational support to Pollard teams, arts organizations and afterschool programs. That means we organize fundraising activities, decide how support is provided, manage outreach to coaches and teachers, and generate enthusiasm for school activities.  We manage concession stands, organize and chaperone dances, coordinate Pollard team sports gear stores, and ask local businesses for support.  In general, we figure out how to supplement the resources that the school provides to students, and “fill in the gaps” as needed.

    Who are we?
    A group of committed parents who work with directly with the Athletic Director (James Hall), a teacher representative (Aaron Kivette) and the Principal. Presently the club includes Dave Gesner (President), Julie Gesner (Treasurer), Craig Adams and Jessica Scott.  We meet regularly to discuss how to meet student needs. 

    Interested in getting involved?
    Contact a club member for information.  Although the time commitment is up to you, we ask that you bring great ideas and a willingness to dig in!

    The Booster Club Board:
    David Gesner - President
    Craig Adams - Vice President
    VACANT - Secretary
    Julie Gesner - Treasurer
    Other Members:
    Tristen Perlberg (Principal)
    James Hall (Athletic Director)
    Aaron Kivette (Teacher Representative)
    Jessica Scott (Parent Representative)

    Booster Club GAP and Concessions Stand Volunteers

    *Volunteers who sign up for Booster Club Volunteer Opportunities at Pollard MUST complete and be approved via the online application process designated by Chatham County Schools prior to the time they volunteer. Volunteers must apply and be approved each school year. The process is easy and quick! 

    Click here for instructions and to begin the application or renewal process.



    GAP Instructions

    GAP is a program that provides an option for students to remain on school grounds, under supervision, in the "gap" of time between the end of school hours and the start time of athletic events. The cost is $2.00 per student. GAP is offered during the fall and spring sports seasons.
    Please click HERE for GAP instructions.

    Booster Club Volunteer Registration

    Please see a booster officer, team coach/parent, or an arts representative/teacher for opportunities to volunteer.


    ATHLETIC/CLUB CALENDAR and Athletic Information