School Counselor

  • My name is Stefanie Kincaid and this is my first year at Horton Middle School.  I am here to help support and advocate for students academic success here at Horton.  I am a Chatham County native and attended Silk Hope and Jordan Matthews High School.  I am also the daugther of a former high school math teacher and spent many summers and teacher workdays running the halls of Northwood.  I love my community and want to instill that within our students as well. 

    I attended North Carolina State University, where I received a Masters in School Counseling.  I also hold a license as a Professional Counselor for the state of NC.  I have worked both in the school systema and in private practice and love working with students overall emotional and social well-being. 

    I operate on an Open Door Policy; if my door is open then I am free to chat.  If you would like to set up a formal meeting, feel free to call or email to set up a time.