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    Young Author Competition ~ School Level Deadline: January 24th

    This is the information for Chatham County Young Author Competition. I would love to partner with you and your child to enter their stories! Let me know how I can help! Refer to the rubric below for requirements. The story can be written at home or here at school but must be the student's own original work. I will be happy to help or answer questions!

    RUBRIC FOR 2020

    Ideas, Content, & Organization (50 points)
    Was the setting easily identifiable and believable? Did the plot have a logical beginning, middle, and end? Were the characters vibrant and appropriate to the setting/plot? Did the book's plot flow naturally between actions? Was the ending effective and appropriate to the plot?Author's Voice (20 points)
    Did the author show you not tell you what was happening? Did the writing reflect a unique or consistent personal voice?
    Word Choice and Fluency (20 points) Word choice is age-appropriate, evocative, and appropriate to the book?
    Is word choice appropriate for the characters?Are sentences fully formed and structured?Dialogue, where used, is believable and appropriate for the context and characters?
    Technical Components (10 points) Is spelling correct throughout the book? Is punctuation used appropriately?Are the format and presentation easy to read and appropriate for the book? Rules of grammar are appropriately applied according to the grade level of the author?

    JSW will have 2 winners that will go on to compete at the county level.

    Distinguished Book in Grades K-2
    Distinguished Book in Grades 3-5
    Distinguished Book in Grades
    6-8 Mary Lee Moore Distinguished Author (K-8 eligible)
    Each Young Author will receive a small trophy in addition to any of the Distinguished Book and Author awards they may win at the county level.


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    I will be happy to print out your child’s ID if necessary.  Please send an email to and I will send it home with your child.