Flight Plan 2020 - Chatham's Strategic Plan

  • Flight Plan 2020 Logo During the 2015-2016 school year, Chatham County Schools developed the current Strategic Plan called Flight Plan 2020.  Throughout the process, the district engaged over 1,600 participants across Chatham County.  We heard input from parents, community members, local elected officials, and employees.  Flight Plan 2020 truly is the result of an incredible effort to engage the community to ensure that Chatham County Schools goals align to and reflect the goals of the community it serves.  
    This website provides a resource for the community to quickly access and review our progress toward meeting the Strategic Planning goals.  Please continue to check back and review as we update this site annually following a presentation to the Board of Education about the progress being made to ensure that we are graduating globally competitive and confident students, by providing a rigorous and relevant curriculum in a supportive, safe, and nurturing learning environment.
    2015 - 16 Teacher of the Year Wendi Pillars developed this great infographic to help explain the Flight Plan at the employee convocation in August 2016.  For a brief overview, please watch the video explanation below:
  • We also heard loudly and clearly from the over 1,600 stakeholders with whom we worked to develop Flight Plan 2020 that thye wanted an easy to read final document.  In fact, we were asked if the whole plan could be encompassed in a single graphic.  That graphic is shown below, and is one you will see throughout this site.

    Full Compass  


Terminology Found On This Website

  • Destination

    A destination is the goal area that we are working to address.  Flight Plan 2020 has four destinations.  Destinations were determined based on community feedback from over 1,600 stakeholders and were distilled into these four areas by K12 Insights, an independent educational research organization.


    Each destination is comprised of multiple strategies which are the specific action items we are implementing in support of that destination.  Strategies were determined by the same stakeholder group that identified Destinations.


    Milestones are the measureable outcomes against which we will be assessing each destination.