Request for Research Partnership

  • Participation in Research Projects

    "The board encourages agencies and individuals to conduct research on issues related to the effective operation of schools and student performance. The school district may assist in research projects when the research results ultimately may benefit students. No surveys or research may be conducted without the permission of the superintendent or his or her designee.

    The superintendent or his or her designee may approve a written request for participation in a research project if the project’s purpose and methodology are compatible with the goals and objectives of the board and school district and do not disrupt instructional time. The superintendent or his or her designee is encouraged to involve central office administrators, school administrators, teachers and parents in making this assessment.

    Any project involving the survey of students will be in compliance with applicable federal regulations as well as the following district reasearch process guidelines.

    Research Process Guidelines

    Policy Code: 5230

    Please submit a Research Request Online Application Form for review.


    Approval Contact

    Dr. Amanda Hartness

    Assistant Superintendent for Academic Services and Instructional Support Division

    Chatham County Schools

    369 West Street

    Pittsboro, North Carolina 27312