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    The Chatham County Schools' Academically and Intellectually Gifted Program seeks to discover, nurture, and develop the potential of gifted learners who show, or have the potential for showing, an exceptional level of performance in academic and intellectual areas. This mission aligns closely with the Chatham County Schools' Mission Statement and Beliefs.

    Program Philosophy

    Differentiation is the philosophy on which the gifted education program is based. curriculum and instruction must be modified on a regular basis to address the widely diverse needs of gifted learners. Learners differ in important ways and must be engaged in instruction through different learning modalities, interests and degrees of complexity. Thus, the responsibility for providing gifted services is shared by all teacher, the administration, and the AIG teachers through a collaboration and consultation model.


    Program Service Options

    Chatham County Schools offers a variety of services to address the needs of gifted learners in grades K-12. Identified students will be matched with the options that best meet an individual's academic and affective needs. Multiple indicators of giftedness are considered.

    The service options include:

      • Flexible grouping
      • Cluster grouping
      • Content acceleration
      • Grade acceleration/Grade skipping
      • Early admission to kindergarten
      • AIG resource classroom
      • Interest groups
      • Independent Study
      • Dual Enrollment
      • Honors courses
      • Advanced Placement courses

    Each school's Needs Determination Team evaluates student data to determine the gifted services most appropriate for individual students. the team also annually reviews the progress and setting of each AIG student.

    Any student transferring into Chatham County Schools who has been identified as eligible for gifted services in another school district will be temporarily placed in the AIG program. Upon receipt of the student's records, the Needs Determination Team will review the data and determine appropriate services.