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     Reminder -- tomorrow is an early release day.  School will get out at 11:30 to enable our staff to attend professional development

    Bus 65 Announcement
    Due to a shortage of staff who are qualified at this time to drive a school bus, we will need to create a double run for the students who ride bus number 65. Students who normally ride bus number 65 will be picked up on a later route by bus number 66. This change will begin this Friday, September 24th, and will continue through Wednesday, September 29, 2021. 
    The driver of bus 66 will complete her normal route each morning. After the driver unloads at Chatham Grove, she will then cover bus 65's route. This will place your student(s) pick-up time approximately an hour later than normal. Due to changes in daily ridership numbers, and afternoon traffic, we are asking for your patience as these times may not be exact.
    We apologize in advance for the inconvenience this may cause.  We have hired new staff and we are working diligently to get them signed up for bus driving classes.  We also know, however, that it will likely take a significant amount of time before the new employees reach certification and are able to begin driving.
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. 
    Dr. Larry Savage
    Principal, CGE

     Bus 84 Parents,

    Due to a shortage of instructional assistants who are qualified to drive a school bus, we will need to combine first and second run each morning for students who ride on Bus 84.  This change will begin on this Friday, Sept. 17th.  Students on Bus 84 will be picked up by the Bus 88 driver after she completes her first route.  Bus 84 will stop at Great Ridge Parkway and Tyner Loop Circle to pick up students. The driver will then move on to the stop at the corner of Briar Chapel Parkway and Tobacco Farm Way around 7:40.  Please know that the times are approximate and traffic could impact on-time arrival. 

    Also starting this Friday, adjustments will be necessary to bus 84's afternoon route.  Students who normally ride bus 84 (first and second run) will ride bus number 88 on a third run. The bus will will drop students off at Briar Chapel Parkway and Tobacco Farm Way around 3:35. The driver will then move on to the Briar Club and drop students off around 3:40. Due to changes in daily ridership numbers, and traffic in the area, we are asking for your patience as these times may not be exact. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. We are working diligently to fill vacancies and to get available staff signed up for the bus driving classes. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

    Bus 88 Parents,

    Due to a shortage of instructional assistants who are qualified to drive a school bus, we will need to combine first and second run each morning starting this Friday, September 17th.  The driver will stop at the Briar Club between 7:20 a.m. and 7:25 a.m. The driver will then move on to stop at the corner of Briar chapel Parkway and Tobacco Farm Way around 7:30 a.m.  Please know that the times are approximate and traffic could impact on-time arrival. At this time, there will be no changes made that will impact the afternoon drop-off times for your students. 

    Please also remember that you may choose to walk/bike with your student to school each day, or be a carpooler. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. We are working diligently to fill vacancies and to get available staff signed up for the bus driving class. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

    Instructional Assistants

    We continue to search for instructional assistants to serve at our school. We have recommended four over the last several weeks, but have 3 additional openings. Relatedly, we are also excited to announce that our Chatham County School Board approved a plan at their September 13th board meeting to offer new personnel hired between Oct. 11th and December 13th a recruitment incentive bonus of $1,500 for classified positions and $3,500 for certified positions. To receive the signing bonus, the employee must commit to staying with Chatham County Schools for two years.  Please help us spread the word, and if you see a Board member, consider sharing your gratitude. 

    If you are interested in applying for a position at Chatham Grove ES or any of our Chatham County Schools, please click this link to start an application: Please know that until we are able to get our new instructional assistants trained as bus drivers, our bus routes will be impacted.  Starting Friday, we will have 3 drivers and 6 bus routes.  We apologize in advance for any inconveniences this may cause. Despite these challenges, please know we will continue to stay focused on helping our students learn at high levels.  We also know you all will continue to join us in this endeavor.  We expect outstanding results at the end of this school year--our students deserve nothing less!

     Transportation at CGE

    Students will be arriving to school by either buses, cars, walking, or via bikes on Monday.  To reduce the risk of COVID transmission, we will not be able to have parents walk kids into the building on the first day of school.  We will be following the same procedure as last year.  Parents will also not be able to park in the parking lot and walk their kids to the entrance of the building.  Parents must arrive on campus via the methods mentioned above. We understand that this may be disappointing news.  Please rest assured that we will have many staff members inside the building to welcome and guide all our kids to their assigned locations.

    Below are specific directions related to carpool, walkers, and bike riders:


    Location: Circle in front of building following the directional signs.


    • Carpool arrival begins at 7:30.  Students will not be able to exit cars prior to 7:30.
    • Please have children seated in the car so they can exit from the passenger side.
    • Pull your vehicle around the front circle as far as possible. Children will be dropped off around the entire circle.
    • At 7:30, students can exit the cars and go into the building through the front door. Staff will be scattered around the circle to assist your child if needed. Please note that students don’t have to wait for a staff member to open the car door as long as you are in the circle area.
    • If you arrive after 7:55 all students should be walked into the building to be signed in by a parent. 


    • Carpool dismissal begins about 3:05. 
    • Display your car tag on the rearview mirror. If you don’t have your tag yet, that’s ok.  You can get your child.  Do check in with your child’s teacher to secure a tag.
    • A staff member will enter your number into the system so your child knows when to come out of the building.  Follow that staff member’s directions as you drive by as they may need you to slow down in order to enter your number.
    • Pull up to the next available cone (1-8). Your child should either be there waiting for you or will be out shortly. 
    • Please be prepared for your child to get in the car on the passenger side. 
    • If for some reason your child is not at the assigned cone, please drive to the problem solving area in the staff parking lot to wait for your child (park in one of the 6 designated spots). A staff member will be there to assist you.

    Tips for a smooth and safe carpool experience!

    • For arrival, 
      • Have breakfast finished and masks on. 
      • Bookbags and lunch boxes should be packed and ready for your child to grab. 
      • Since not all cars arrive at the same time, there may be an unexpected gap in the front as cars drop off their children.
    • For dismissal, 
      • Meet your child at a cone. 
      • If your child walks past your car, they are headed to their assigned area to meet you there.
      • Children are late to afternoon cars for all kinds of reasons. Please be patient.
    • For the safety of our students and staff, please do not use your cell. phone in the carpool area.
    • Please do not pull around another car unless directed to do so by staff. 


    Location: Red door. Entrance closest to stop light. 

    Permission forms are needed for Walkers/Bikes-

    Follow this link to print and turn in or email to: Walker Permission Form


    • Walkers/Bikes arrival begins at 7:30.
    • Parents escort children to the red door. 
    • Form a line against the building heading towards the playground.
    • At 7:30, students will be signed in when dropped off.
    • Bike riders & parents will drop off bikes at the bike rack in the front of the building and then get in line at the red door.  Bike riders may not enter the building at the main entrance.
    • After 7:55 all students should be walked into the building to be signed in by a parent. 


    • Walkers/Bikes dismissal begins around 3:00. 
    • The pick up line forms at the red door in the afternoon.
    • Children will be called when each parent signs their child out. 

    Tour Updates-August 10th

    Thank you for your patience as we shift some of our tour dates this week. If your original date and time was recently canceled or if you have not had a chance to sign up, we have added tours on Thursday, August 12th and additional slots for Monday, August 16th.

    Follow the Signup Genius below or contact Ms. Laura Dean at with any questions!

     CGE Meet the Teacher

    "Gator Gathering" 

    We currently plan to hold a live, in person “Back To School Gator Gathering” on August 19th.  This will be an opportunity to meet your child’s teacher(s), complete necessary paperwork, see your child’s classroom, and enjoy some ice cream provided by our awesome PTA.  To facilitate social distancing and ensure adequate parking on campus, we will divide the Gator Gathering into three sessions that evening.  You will visit your child’s class per the schedule below and based on your child’s first letter of their last name:

    A-F (4:00 to 4:45)              G-O (5:00 to 5:45)             P-Z (6:00 to 6:45)

    If you have multiple students at our school, you will be able to attend their session outside of the prescribed alphabet span related to your child’s last name.

    In addition to our Gator Gathering, we will hold a virtual “Open House” event on September 9th at 7:00pm.  At this meeting, your child’s teacher will review classroom specific expectations/procedures that will help you help your child have a successful school year. 

    Interested in Volunteering? 

    The new school year is right around the corner, and we are excited to have our Gators back in the building with us!  Our teachers and staff members are busy planning for a successful year, and we are happy to announce that this year we are able to welcome volunteers back in the building. Fill out the form below to help us start planning: 

    CGE Volunteer Interest Form

    2021-2022 CGE School Supply Lists

    YMCA After School Program at CGE

    Looking for after school opportunities at CGE offered by YMCA? Information may be found here:  Please reach out to YMCA with specific questions about their program.

    Join CGE's Summer Reading Olympics!

    CGE Summer Reading OlympicsClick here for more information!


  •  Read the Gator Bites

    Join CGE's Summer Reading Olympics!

    CGE Summer Reading OlympicsClick here for more information!



    eoy 3

    Congratulations to

    Julia Seitz, CGE's BT of the Year

    Kristin Tinnen, CGE's Bus Driver of the Year

    Julia Seitz     Kristin Tinnen

     It's time for kindergarten registration!

    REGISTRATION NOTE: Schools are not collecting paperwork at this time. Please register with the appropriate online link below. When schools open, parents and guardians will need to provide:

    • a copy of the child’s certified birth certificate 

    • a copy of the child’s immunization records

    • two forms of documentation verifying the names and addresses of parents and guardians (examples include driver’s licenses, identification cards with pictures, rental agreements, utility bills, phone bills)

    • custody papers, if applicable

    Find more important information on this webpage.

     reFUEL CGE needs your financial support  – please donate now!!!

    reFUEL CGE is our school’s new student food assistance program.

    Your donation will help us make sure those students in need will get nutritious supplemental food over summer break, as well as help us continue to fund the program in the fall.

    You can make a recurring monthly donation, write a check, or make a business sponsorship.

    No donation is too small!!

    *PayPal Link: 

    *Checks – please mail to: reFUEL CGE, 538 Bennett Mountain Trace, Chapel Hill, NC  27516

    reFUEL CGE website:

    Interested in a business sponsorship?

    Please email us directly at or visit our website

    Watch CGE's FIRST Annual Talent Show!

    Gator's Got Talent



    Congratulations to Noah, our Book Fair Scavenger Hunt Winner!

    Book Fair Scavenger Hunt Winner

    Spring Fund Raiser

    Movie Night



    Congratulations to CGE's March Golden Gators!

    Melissa Carpenter & Jennifer Glosson

    Melissa Carpenter      Jennifer Glosson

    Week 2 of NRM!

    Stories and activities

    It's Book Fair Time!

    March 1-14

    Please help us meet our goal! Funds raised will help increase the number of books in the library.

    Congratulations, Blair Hill

    Congratulations to

    National Reading Month Week 1


    Click HERE for the NRM Calendar

    Congratulatons to CGE's First Teacher of the Year! 

    Sara Knight

    Sara Knight

    The Virtual Book Fair is Coming to CGE!

    March 1-14

    Click here for Book Fair Link

    Virtual Book Fair Website 

    View the Virtual Flyer

    View the Virtual Flyer 

    Click here for more information about the book fair. 

    2 days until the book fair!



               Relief Funds Flyer  Relief Funds Flyer


Virtual Tours




    Published May 18, 2020

Principal's Message

  • Welcome to Chatham Grove Elementary School, home of the …

    Well, the video below will answer that question. The mascot selection was based on your survey feedback. We very much appreciate your participation and sharing your voice. We hope to share our logo soon.

    The video features Marian Taylor. I am thrilled to announce that she is the assistant principal of Chatham Grove Elementary School. Ms. Taylor has broad educational experience that will greatly benefit our school. To date, Ms. Taylor has served as an instructional assistant for two years, and she was a fourth-grade teacher for six years, a time during which she mentored teachers. She was a math interventionist for a year and spent two years as a curriculum coach and mentor. Many of you may be familiar with her from her time as an assistant principal at Perry W. Harrison Elementary School and at Margaret B. Pollard Middle School. Through it all, Ms. Taylor has succeeded by focusing on strong relationships with both adults and students, and by always putting kids first. As part of the CGE team, Ms. Taylor will help us help our kids grow each and every day!

    OK, have fun with the video.

    Larry Savage
    Principal, Chatham Grove Elementary School