• While I have always eagerly anticipated the beginning of the school year, this year is particularly meaningful for me because it will mark the beginning of a new experience.  I feel very fortunate to be the first assistant principal of Seaforth and I am looking forward to working alongside our devoted staff and families to provide the best possible experience for our students. 

    I have been dedicated to the field of education for 28 years, serving as a Social Studies teacher for 21 years and then as an Assistant Principal for 7 years.  In all the years I spent teaching history, I never imagined that I would have the opportunity to create it. It’s not often that one gets the rare opportunity to be part of how a school will be remembered. 

    This year will pave the way for new traditions, new accomplishments and experiences. Together we will carry out the vision and mission of Seaforth High School and collectively reach our shared goals.  With our focus on what is best for the students, we will work to provide diverse experiences for all students while preparing them to be successful academically and socially at high school.  I view education as a lifelong learning process.  Our parents, teachers, support staff, community and administration will all have important roles in encouraging our students to become lifelong learners as well. We are excited to work with our entire school community in shaping the lives of our students through education. 

    I am looking forward to building memories as a Hawk and helping students grow and take flight into their future endeavors. I can’t wait to celebrate our collective successes as we continue the tradition of excellence here in Chatham county.


    Kelly Ward, Assistant Principal

    Fall 2022