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    Bus Remind Codes for the 2023-2024 school year

    2023-2024 Bus Routes

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    Here Comes the Bus Information

    Where's your bus? Does it have a driver? Will it be late? Find out with the Here Comes the Bus school bus tracking app.

    CCS Here Comes the Bus Information Page- This page has everything you need to know about HCTB, including information about the app, instructions on how to sign up, a parent letter, a sign in link, FAQs, and support.

    link to HCTB login page: https://login.herecomesthebus.com/signuponboarding.aspx

    How to Sign Up


    Carpool Procedures

    To drop off your students, you will pull to the second driveway by the electronic sign, and then circle to the front of the school. Dropoff takes place at the main doors. Supervision inside our campus will not begin until 7:30 a.m., with the final bell to start first period. Please do not pull into the parking lot at the front of the school unless you have school business to attend to within our office area. Also, avoid driving around the back of the school.